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  1. Dang was there a big conspiracy for everyone to sell their F bodies at the same time? I'm sure Camino is selling his Firehawk for personal reasons, but is everyone else saving up for the new Camaro or what?
  2. Hey, do we have any idea how much the Aura will cost? When do they release the MSRP?
  3. Well we were drivin to the car show today, and these 2 cars pass us with Michigan Manufacturer plates. They were obviously some sort of preproduction vehicle, but they had no camo. My guess is they are some sort of Nissan. You can see the Nissan guage treatment in this shot, if you look closely. What do you guys think?
  4. I actually have to write a position paper. Where did you find your sources? Google or something else, like an academic search engine?
  5. Hey guys, whats goin on? I've got to write a paper on hybrid cars and whether they are worth it or not. I'm not really sure where to look. What do you guys think? Any suggestions. Thanks a lot!
  6. Yeah I want to see this thing too. Toyota is really pushin hard, that's for sure.
  7. I love how the critics say GM should try to go with hybrids, instead of pursue fuel cells. DONT WANT GM TO GET TOO ADVANCED AND BE BETTER THAN TOYOTA!!!
  8. Did anyone else notice that quote? I dont know if Hyper is an insider, but if he is this is big news! OH CAMARO, HOW I MISSED THEE!
  9. "Im not gonna lie" annoys me quite a bit.
  10. Hey do you own a cabin up there? I'm from Reno and we visit Tahoe all the time. There is no place like it anywhere. Its beautiful. Nice ride, by the way.
  11. I was sittin there in my econ class and I hear this guy sitting next to me talkin to his friend about his friend's new car purchase. The guy bought a Cobalt SS. Sweet, he said he loves it. Then the guy sitting next to me mentions that he got a new car too. Guess what car it was? He said it was a SUPERCHARGED REGAL! I was like whoa!!! I asked him if it was a GN and he said no, but it was a 99 GS. I said sweet choice, to which he replied that its a great car, very fast, etc. That put a smile on my face, hearing young kids actually buying some GM products and knowing that they are actually pretty nice.
  12. I think this car looks perfect. It looks so good in every aspect. It looks muscular, not too retro, modern, and extremely well proportioned. It looks like its gonna kill any challengers (literally and figuratively) just sitting in park.

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