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    Just east of Atlanta
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    Uh... cars. Specifically 60's domestics & Hondas... Recently got a ride along in a Z06 racing around Road Atlanta! Wow!

  1. roopull

    Spied: Jeep Scrambler Concept/AEV Brute

    Did you guys not read the page? It's a conversion... Follow the link, scroll down to "Brute Kit" and hit the "more info" link: www.aev-conversions.com No Gladiator... yet.
  2. roopull

    Spied: Smart fortwo

    I can see where these would be nice to have if you lived in a really congested city. Outside of that, they're just silly.... silly & ugly. Great cars for city folk who look at automobiles with all the passion that I look at a toaster.
  3. roopull

    TOYOTA tries to be more

    It's like trying to have a conversation with an 8 year old. ...an 8 year old girl with her panties in a wad.
  4. roopull

    Your opinion about the Chevrolet Uplander

    ...not sure what was in the rented one my MIL had, but I must say the exhaust note sounded awesome. It would have been fitting on a Camaro! The Caravan just quietly hummed.
  5. roopull

    Teflon Toyota

    Oh, that's just nuts. There are areas in Maui that almost NEVER see cops. In fact, we drove for about 2 hours straight & didn't seen another car, much less a cop. The legendary "Road to Hana" is every bit as exciting as the Tail of the Dragon. That road-tester should have spent a little more time exploring.
  6. roopull

    Honda recalls 500,000+ vehicles

    Believe it or not, I saw one just a couple of days ago... but then again, it was the first one I've seen in years... and probably only the third I've ever seen in my entire life.Now that I think about it, they were essentially the same thing as the PT & HHR... tall station wagons... just much much less exciting to look at.
  7. roopull

    TOYOTA tries to be more

    Dear heavens, man! You asked if you should be disappointed in your Taurus. I said you can't complain about it. What the F more do you need? Jeez. I never once said you should be disappointed in your car. Find it. Quote it. Go on, Einstein... make your next post be you quoting me saying you should be disappointed in your Taurus. Perhaps your Taurus should be disappointed in you! :rotflmao: Yeah, I personally think the big 3 made absolute crap throughout the 70s & 80s & I sure as heck am not alone in that conclusion! It was that crappiness that left the door open for the importers! If they'd been making decent cars, do you really think folks would have opted for smaller less optioned cars? Sheesh! Of course not! If anything, I'm pissed at them for dropping the ball & letting the American people down. The UAW & the big three should be ashamed! And pointing out that your car only has 118K miles isn't an insult to it... I really was surprised to read that & have explained those thoughts already. Toyota building engines in China vs GM building engines in China... who cares? Neither one are American companies & neither one are Japanese companies. They're both multinational corporations & both are whores to the dollar. Both build cars in more countries than I can count... Yet, all you want to focus on is the ill-conceived notion that you think I'm trying to convince you that Toyota is a domestic brand. I never said that. Sheesh! The closest thing you'll find to that statement is the belief that Toyota is just as domestic as GM - which is to say - not domestic at all. GM stopped being a domestic brand, imo, the second they imported the first foreign built car badged as a domestic brand. Does GM employ more Americans that Toyota? Sure does. Does GM use more American sourced parts? Not sure, but probably. Does that make them domestic? Not at all. Yay for Harley! Good on 'em! Who gives a rat's arse? Why does your argument revolve around Toyota? If Harley can make their motorcycles using union labor or not... building here or in Canada or whatever, maybe GM could learn a thing or two from Harley... You're so damned focused on Toyota, you can't hear anything else anyone is saying except TOYOTA! Dude, I don't even like most Toyotas... I respect the company & think they're kicking some major ass, but that doesn't make me a Toyota-lover. It means I can see the truth for what it is. GM is getting its ass handed to it. Care to show me where I'm wrong? You're comments about why you have bought Hondas for so long include a very negative stereotypical attitude towards domestic products being poor choices. Are you drunk? You have a need to defend the fact that a lot of your purchases over the years have led to a deterioration of our economy. BTW I have a Honda and Suzuki in the garage Dude... do you realize how silly that just sounded?:rotflmao: Damn, I can't believe you really posted that! NOW is the time to go back & quietly edit it out of your post. I won't tell anyone! Seriously, though... unruffle your panties. It's just a forum about cars...
  8. roopull

    Teflon Toyota

    Good point.... maybe GM & Ford need to provide test drives in Maui. The roads there are incredible & though I've never been to Bavaria, I'm quite certain the scenery & accomodations are nicer in Maui!
  9. roopull

    haha, toyota flaming...

    I've heard a few examples of this, myself... considering I've been pouring water over frozen windshields for years & have never cracked one... have been washing cars for years in the Georgia heat & never cracked one... it's odd & rather frightening!
  10. roopull

    Hyundai Looking to be the Safety King

    Personally, I think Hyundai's styling is top notch... better than most brands out there & certainly better than anything from Japan. Regarding safety, someone posted this link: http://informedforlife.org/ The updated list of safest cars on the road has the Sedona as #1!!!!
  11. roopull

    Flip-Flop Ford Does It Again

    My thoughts exactly. When I first heard about the Marauder, I was excited as he!!. A big fat RWD with a beastly motor? What's not to love? The, the thing hits the market with this mildly tuned engine, very minor exterior treatment & I was asleep by the time anyone did a test drive. Now, imagine if they'd done what Dodge has done on a few instances & just dropped a big honkin' truck motor in there, given it a manual... it's not like there isn't a demand for that kind of beast. Who didn't want an Impala SS when Chevy released them in the 90s? Had they done it right, it could be on its 2nd generation & sporting a 500hp Ford GT engine! Perhaps Chevy will give us the Monte Carlo done right or perhaps another Grand National...
  12. roopull

    TOYOTA tries to be more

    CARBIZ said Roo, if you'd hang around here long enough, what you would realize is that as GM fans we are very well aware of GM's shortcomings; however, the general consensus is that Toyota and Honda literally get away with murder by the media, and by default the public in general. Yeah... I know & have said essentially the same thing in a few spots on here, but I think BMW gets away with the most BS free publicity of any brand. If GM made the X3, it'd be laughed off the market. We do, however, need to point out Toyota's failings at every turn because nobody else out there is. I think that's slowly changing. What I find silly & honestly, a little pathetic, is the abject hatred of Toyota. GM could learn a lot from Toyota, if you ask me & I am certainly no Toyo fan... I've never even owned one, but have owned a GM product or two & my Corvaire was & will always be one of the most fun cars I've ever owned. Somewhere along the line, I suppose by saying ANYTHING good about Toyota, it would seem that I've been dubbed some sort of anti-GM, anti-domestic guy. I'm not... I just see things the way they are & don't apologize for my opinions. Poke around at some of the other threads here: we love to poke fun at GM's cheap interiors (getting better) and half-fast marketing ploys, but GM's successes do need to be trumpeted. Oh, I've poked around quite a bit & have done some of that trumpeting, myself... even in this thread, but I guess most of that's been ignored by some on the board. Nobody is defensive; we are just fed up with the free ride Japan Inc. gets in North America. Oh, folks are defensive... crazy defensive. For example: Supermoto said Let me see if I can get the point through your thick skull. Not exactly sounding like quiet conversation... Later, he goes on to blather on bout me being a 'domestic hater' & asks a question that has a faulty premise... I asked for specifics about why I should feel disappointed with my reliability so far with a car that domestic haters like yourself will dismiss as unreliable with no proof to back up your claim. I suppose Supermoto was too busy getting panicky to read these things I've already posted in this thread... most in direct response to him: In the case of say Buick V. Kia, it blows the import away. Hmmm... doesn't sound like the words of 'domestic hater' to me... If they make a product that gives me the best bang for my buck, I'll buy & so will every other American. With that, I point to the Solstice & Sky as proof. Anyone seen a 3rd gen. Miata, lately? They're being outsold 2 to 1 even with the limited supply of the Solstice/Sky. Hmmm... would a 'domestic hater' cite an example of a 'domestic' company outselling an import brand - specifically in a segment completely & totally OWNED by that brand for the past... what... 15 years? Now, back to your question of the Camry vs. the Impala... All things being equal, I'd probably go for the Impala, because I'd seriously rather buy an American product... My first car was a 66 FuryIII. I loved that thing. Hmmmm... not exactly hating domestics there, either... Personally, I think both GM and Ford have begun to turned that corner. Caddy, Buick, and Lincoln are making great cars & Chevy is really stepping up to the plate with some reliable vehicles (aside from their trucks, for once.) Caddy, Buick, Lincoln & Chevy are still considered 'domestic' brands, right? Am I confusing something here? In direct response to Supermoto's first question to me: Absolutely.... specifically if you've been driving trucks. The Japanese makes can't touch GM & Ford. The Nissan is a nice try, & the Tundra is looking promising, but imo, they have a long way to go. The Japanese can't touch GM & Ford... domestic hater? Through work, I've owned a variety of trucks. Although the Chevy Luv & Ford Courrier (a Mazda) were great little trucks, I doubt any logical person would argue that the only place to get a decent REAL truck is Ford or GM. Only place for a REAL truck... wow, yup, I must really hate domestics. ...and finally, the response I first gave to Supermoto when he asked about his precious little Taurus... did I say his car was a piece of crap? Did I say it was unreliable? Did I cite details saying it was a turd of a car??? But, to answer your question, no you can't really complain. The Taurus is also a bigger & quiter car. I don't recall saying that the domestics don't make any good cars. Lookey there!!! I actually said he had no cause for complaint! I even complemented the thing!!! I even mentioned aspects of HIS car (a domestic) that are BETTER than MY car!!!!!!! Holy Chit!!! I must be a domestic hater!!! Hey, Supermoto, just shut up, okay? Until you want to actually read what I say, don't respond. Just... please... be quiet. Sheeesh. You make yourself look silly. See, the tagline for the forum's title is "fresh ideas for a better GM." Losing your mind like a nutcase anytime someone praises Toyota or criticizes GM certainly doesn't make GM look any better.
  13. roopull

    Being No. 1 no longer a top priority for GM

    God is going to give the importers Saturn Auras? What for?
  14. roopull

    Detroit's Midsize SUV Problem

    Aren't the import branded SUVs losing sales, as well? I know Toyo & Nissan have also invested heavily in SUVs, yet the article doesn't mention them.
  15. roopull

    TOYOTA tries to be more

    Never said it couldn't... & in the case of say Buick V. Kia, it blows the import away.I said I've never replaced an O2 sensor on any of my cars... including the domestics I've owned. I find the panicky defense of domestics - defending against offenses that were never made - to be entertaining and telling.

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    Just east of Atlanta
  • Interests
    Uh... cars. Specifically 60's domestics & Hondas... Recently got a ride along in a Z06 racing around Road Atlanta! Wow!

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