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  1. Anyone want the novelty of owning a truck over 500K miles? Not sure what has been done to it to get it this far. http://www.carsforsale.com/used_cars_for_sale/1993_Chevrolet_C1500_179602973
  2. 1998 Chevy truck with 309,000 miles. Fuel tank strap broke and the new strap also broke. Mechanic told me he couldn't promise me that the second one would hold. 3 weeks later the new strap broke also. The cross section where the fuel tank straps connect to is bad even though the frame was said to be OK. Another mechanic said it would cost too much....fuel tank would have to be removed as well as the bed.Now the strap closest to the cab is fine. So is it safe to drive the truck with a ratchet strap under fuel tank? Ratchet strap is supposed to work up to 1000 lbs. with a breaking point at 3000lbs. Roadside salt is death on car frames in northern US.
  3. I don't like the looks of any 4 door pickup. I prefer regular cab pickups. When will we see a photo of the regular cab? I think regular cabs are more attractive if less functional. When will a regular cab photo be released?
  4. The weak spots: Silverado, full size SUVS and crossovers.Buick Regal Strong spots: Chevy cars, Terrain and Equinox Remains to be seen: Buick Verano I wished GM wouldn't cancel a model BEFORE the replacement arrives.
  5. I think some people fear this newer car is going to cost more. They saw the 2000-2012 car as affordable to those on a limited budget. Full size for less. Some people fear this car will be priced more in the range of the Avalon, Lacrosse, Taurus etc.. But if one feels Chevys are becoming too expensive, where is there to go?
  6. When you google (or do a YOU TUBE SEARCH) of the following terms, it is shocking: 2006 Honda Civic cracked engine block Honda transmission 1998-2002 Accord Honda problems Honda won't start Honda Pilot lemon Honda Civic cracked visor Honda Fit cracked windshield If customers aren't happy, things could change. I remember when the rear drive GM cars were strong sellers but the first front wheel drive cars had problems which drove people away. There are tons of unhappy Civic owners out there. There are some unhappy owners out there. Honda never got into the truck business. And with GM and Ford building better small cars, the Civic is losing its edge fast.
  7. Honda has risen from a company that was best known for its motorcycles 40 years ago to a company that is one of the top automotive manufacturers in the world today. In 2008, Honda supplanted Chrysler as the fourth best selling automaker in the U.S. and they were in sixth place in global auto sales. Their story is truly impressive. But lately the automaker has faced numerous challenges, including declining sales. We look at four reasons why Honda is in decline. 1. Not Improving Quality. What is surprising about Honda is that despite spending billions of dollars a year on research and development, their new models and new generation models have not raised the bar. In fact, recently some of their models have faced scrutiny for cheaper interiors and being inferior to their predecessors. The Civic, which when its last generation debuted, was named Motor Trend Magazine’s 2006 Car of the Year, is all-new for 2012. But Consumer Reports Magazine, a consumer products review magazine, ranked the 2012 Civic near the bottom of the compact class, behind other models such as the Hyundai Elantra. The Civic received a rating of 61, a 17-point drop from the 2011 models. The Civic is not alone in Honda models with declining Consumer Reports ratings. The 2011 Odyssey minivan dropped to an 83 from 91 the prior year. The Pilot SUV has also dropped from 79 to 74. And new Honda models fared terribly. The Insight hybrid model scored just a 54 while the CR-Z came in at a lowly 57 and neither has been well-received by the public. 2. Transmissions. While several of their key competitors have six-speed automatic or continuously variable transmissions throughout their model lineup, Honda does not. Comment To see the rest of the article, click here: http://www.bestcarinsurancecompanies.net/blog/auto-makers/why-honda-is-in-decline/
  8. Didn't Toyota get a bailout from the Japanese government? I think two years later, the Government Motors stuff has been worn out by some. Does anyone want to see 2 auto companies fail and Ford get a monopoly of the domestic automobile business? Ford has its skeletons like the other companies. Don't get me wrong, GM should have updated their cars more frequently and halted the slide in market share. But we need GM, Ford and Chrysler to survive.
  9. America is still fighting over President Obama's costly bailout of Chrysler and General Motors. Especially the owners of Ford, the only member of Detroit's "Big Three" who rejected the government dole and emerged perfectly healthy. [Check out our editorial cartoons on President Obama.] In its most political ad in the so-called "Drive One" ads where real drivers are thrust before cameras to explain why they picked Ford, a real Ford F-150 pick-up driver is featured See the following link for a continuation of the article... http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2011/09/16/ford-tv-ad-slams-obama-auto-bailouts
  10. Why is the hatch back model getting more attention than the sedan? Hard to find photos or info about the sedan?
  11. Sierra sales should be more than Ranger.

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