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  1. The only reason that the Prius and Corolla aren't in the same class is because of that hatch and maybe an inch or two in width. Without looking at numbers (I do work at a Toyota dealership though), the Prius is waaaay closer to the Corolla in size than the Camry. I even think that the Prius is on the same basic platform as the 'Rolla.
  2. The MKR isn't gonna be built (killed with the Interceptor, remember?). I think Lincoln said that that grille was gonna make its way over to the MKS, though.
  3. Personally, I love the Honda choir ad. But seeing the cog one was fascinating!
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this...from the A-pillar forward it's a different car, and the much more rounded C-pillar means less rear headroom but a much different look than the 300. I think when real door handles are put in the proper spot on the door, then it'll look even more different. That front end is nice. It's bold, anyways. I think it'd have to be changed a bit for production, but I really like it as is. This thing smashes the Crown Vic and probably the 500, anyways. Why not build it? You have the platform, you have a Lincoln variant that ACTUALLY LOOKS DIFFERENT (MKR is on a Mustang platform as well as this, right?), and you need an American-looking car in this segment. Last-gen Passat styling is clean and comfortable and safe and really not all that bad, but it doesn't sell. This will, if they bring it to production correctly.
  5. I think the problem was its size. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this was a boat, and the concept had 12 cylinders in it. So engineering a new engine to go into a new car that would probably be really expensive and now it's not as attractive.
  6. That is such a FoMoCo steering wheel (pretty much the same as the Edge, right?)
  7. The whole "large C-pillar creates privacy" thing just sounds like spin control for "we didn't want to engineer new doors." Plus, you have to lean forward to look out the window. Just tint the things and then you have your privacy!
  8. Um...wow. this is interesting, viable, and nice-looking. but why aren't they developing this system in a smaller car?
  9. I dunno...it's not an eyesore to look at... and it's way better than the Solara, Monte Carlo, and the new Sebring (albeit different types of car). Better than the G6? Nah, but this does look nice.
  10. What's sweet is that they took it in a far different direction than the Mariner, and I really think that will help the Mariner.
  11. Didn't we already shut this guy down earlier?
  12. It's like any other company with monopolistic tendencies. You can't blame Microsoft for wanting to make a profit and increase their market share, but they did it so well that they had to be contained. Toyota needs to be treated equally.
  13. It fixes the rear end which is the most boring part of the current 'Stang...if you ever see a Mustang convertible you notice it's just a straight line.
  14. wait a minute... this is the euro focus that is supposed to be way better than any reskin of our focus could ever hope to attain? cause i'm really not all that impressed with it. It's bland. Better bland than Corolla, but certainly not the "bold American" that Ford wants to embody.

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