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  1. staceface

    hey guys!

    THANK YOU FLOYD!!!!!!!!!!!! i knew i wasn't crazy!!!!! undying gratitude and hugs!! stacey
  2. staceface

    3 envelopes

    good one dave!
  3. staceface

    hey guys!

    what the heck? you guys usually know everything!! oh well, it'll come to me when i least expect it, i'm sure! thanks p.s. carbiz, i love that site! at my last dealership, the manager got me the teamwork print, a snowball rolling downhill - "A few harmless flakes working together can unleash an avalanche of destruction" He hung it behind my desk, and for the next 6 months EVERY sale that came through my business office had the chance to stare at that print while discussing financing etc etc and not one person read the caption, or understood it, because nobody ever said a word. Some people even pointed out that the print was crooked on the wall from time to time. LOL Unfortunately the dealership closed and it was deemed "furniture" oh well.............
  4. staceface

    hey guys!

    Guys, I am wracking my brain, trying to remember a web site I used to frequent. It was a humour site, full of other unusual websites and funny stuff - i think glass was in the title. no prizes for the right answer, just my eternal gratitude!!!! thanks, stacey
  5. staceface


    Dave, the warranty on rust protection only covers break through rust, not the surface rust that'll drive you crazy! Be sure to really stand firm and put up a fuss, they'll hopefully cover it under goodwill.
  6. staceface

    Friday funnies

    what an excellent site! i was lost in it for hours this afternoon! another good one i'm loving is: www.fmylife.com ah, amused by the internet - i'm such a sheep...........
  7. staceface

    An utter world of shit...

    well both at fault - they both drank, they both had sex, accountability equal... he could just as easily claim he'd been taken advantage of regret can make people do very dumb things.... however, if the girl got drunk and had sex, whose fault then? hers. i'm not trying to place blame, but rather accountability. when i think of the restrictions this boy could have impact the rest of his life, this is truly tragic. it's crazy how one night of drunken fun turned around, and life as he knows it could be over. very very sad.
  8. staceface

    An utter world of shit...

    i've got to point out that if you drink to excess and choose to drive, if you kill someone its manslaughter. you are held accountable. why should drinking to excess and having sex not be your fault? as for the mcdonalds debate, i would suspect this wasn't the customers first trip through the drive thu. Wouldn't her expectations be that the coffee was hot? Would the temperature of McD's coffee be what prompted her to return? How stupid do you have to be to transport coffee between your legs???
  9. staceface

    If you worked for GM...

    customer complaint hot line.............
  10. staceface

    Hey Guys!

    i don't know Dave. I'm of two minds, the colleges and Universities around here are swamped with students since so many people are out of work. I can't go too far, since I'm paying a mortgage, and still have one daughter in high school. Rethinking my career path would be great, but I'm not too inclined to spend a lot of time on education, I'm more of a just earn it! type of chick. LOL I really lucked into this job, I don't love it, but am ridiculously overpaid. I've been keeping an eye in the hospital to see what sort of postings happen, and what is required to get them. So far, I'm just taking a medical terminology course online, and maybe after that a medical admin course.
  11. staceface

    Hey Guys!

    i know how michigan sucks (jobwise). the news from there is depressing, although on the bright side you could probably pick up a house dirt cheap (just not pay for it with the high rate of unemployment). I am now working in a hospital in the food and nutrition department. not a job i love, but good paying, and pays the mortgage. gotta do what ya gotta do, right? i absolutely miss the car business. selling was great, being a business manager was excellent. my dealership closed, and if i was honest with myself, i'd have paid less attention to how great NEXT month was going to be, and more attention to how much it was draining my savings daily. right now my area is faced with the closure of lots of dealerships by 2010, the local dealer got two letters, one for his PBGmc store, and one for his Chevy store. The irony is that he received his closure letters, then 3 days later received his congratulatory letter for receiving Triple Crown for the 11th year. (In canada Triple crown is the dealership award for excellence.) too sad. i still check out C&G from time to time, to keep up on the latest GM news, I still tune into the news whenever there's GM news, but its not the same.
  12. staceface

    Hey Guys!

    so life has taken a surprise turn, and i'm no longer in the car business (aren't you surprised that it's impossible to make a living in the car business anymore!?!? LOL) how is everyone on here? i've wondered from time to time how everyone is doing...
  13. staceface

    We all did it...at least once.

    In 1980 I bought my first car, a 1969 Dodge Dart GT. It was amazing, found it in an old lady's barn, bought it for $500, took the plastic off the white leather interior. It was absolutely mint. Sold it 3 years later to get myself a 1979 Firebird Esprit. the guy who bought it off me junked the Dart, he had funeral flags in the back window. I really felt bad about that, I should have kept it, it'd be great to roll out of the garage today, but back then I was in college and could barely afford that, let alone two insurances. Also I lived at home, one of them had to go.
  14. staceface

    Help out a fellow member

    I'm in love with my car - Queen
  15. staceface

    What simple pleasures do you enjoy?

    Ocn, I love Hyancinth. Are you by any chance a Corry fan as well? Stace

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