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  1. I have driven both the PT and the HHR. I personally liked the HHR a little better. To me personally, the HHR just felt more comforatble to drive than the PT. I had a hard time finding a comfortable driving position in the PT. I also like that the HHR is more "truck-like". The PT just didn't do it for me. Just my $.02
  2. I actually have a friend who works in the huntsville, alabama engine plant. I asked him about this issue and he told me the same exact thing that toyota is saying about the casting defect. He did also mention to me that if you spin the engine over 6500 rpm the cams will come apart "with the quickness". I find that interesting in itself. He also seemed confident that ther problem had been adressed by the vendor.
  3. This is the first ls1 i have seen do that. I have seen a 302 ford do this though. A friend of mine had more valvetrain issues than anyone i have ever known. I have actually used those springs before in an ls1 build. There is usually nothing wrong with them, provided you are not running a cam with lots of lift and duration. They only last about 12-15K before you start to see real bad valve float. You get much less miles if you hit the rev limiter a couple of times.
  4. I was born and raised in North Alabama. Both of my parents are from there as well as all of my grandparents. Most of my family lives there. I ended up moving to the orlando area just because i had to make a living. Auto Zone was not cutting it after i finished college. I hope to be able to move back to bama at some point.
  5. I saw it at a midnight showing on thurs night. It was well worth the ticket price.
  6. i like this dakota better than the ones of the past couple of years. I especially like the 290hp the 4.7L puts out now. I will be looking at one when they make it to dealers. It is almost time to replace my 2000 dakota
  7. It looks like they did the impossible and brought it to market at a competitive price. Also i am not sure if it has been posted, but edmunds did a comparison between the Tundra and the Silverado. I was disappointed to read that the tundra was favored.
  8. Now i likes this idea. Rosie is just a pissed off fat chick. Ignore her and she will go away... if we are lucky.
  9. I am also not a gator fan. i grew up in huntsville, al and am a big bama fan. My sister is on a full ride there right now. I was just glad to see the national title come back to the SEC
  10. I watched the BCS national championship game last night and florida impressed me more than any other football team has. That is one of the most decisive bowl wins i have seen in a while (other than LSU over Notre Dame). It reaffirms mt belief that the SEC is the best conference in college football.
  11. FWD definatly. too many gadgets and gizmos. non self expanitory radio controls. i am also not a fan of leather wraped steering wheels. As they age, they just get nasty.
  12. I like it. Not that i will be buying one, but it lookes better than the torrent
  13. I like the idea. it looks similar to the skateboard chassis which they have been taking about since 2002. I imagine several vehicles could beo produced off of this platform.
  14. not bad. it looks a ton better than the G6 GXP

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