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  1. Peugeot_206

    More Updates on My 3D model.

    No, this is Blender. Sketchup doesn't act right when it exports models. (horrid reflections) Blender is Free....... www.blender.org
  2. Peugeot_206

    More Updates on My 3D model.

    I can't have too many polys, keep in mind this is a Game model. Too many polys will get undesirable results for RACER fans with slower computers. With the latest blender version (2.48) also with me patching up some holes and separated vertices, it looks pretty good with a few subdivisions. Maybe I'll subdivide once to bring the face count to around 20K, which would provide better reflections and still be acceptable for most computers. 50-75K is roughly the threshold for RACER. I can run This Renault Scenic made for RACER which is pushing 100K, but many other users can't. Thanks for the comments! Curious, how many polygons is your car concept that you posted a few weeks ago, I think it's called the Eliminator or something?
  3. Peugeot_206

    More Updates on My 3D model.

    Bizump........dodgefan didn't post.
  4. Since people here were actually interested in it, I should give you an update on it. From the original one in sketchup, I had to delete entirely. Starting over, I was able to work up this in a matter of two or three months. I completely missed the deadline for the "Hot Hatch Competition" for RACER (a game maintained entirely by users, www.racer.nl) but this being my first model I've decided to finish it out. Maybe 70% done, here is My B-segment Honda Fit fighter, the Aviva Kier! MKI (Before I started really moving along with it) In game, no shader. (roughly a 60 days ago) Later photos, in game w/shader (maybe a week ago) The interior....... Started on some Crude Textured in door cuts (In Blender, the Modeling program) Without Vertex Shading With Vertex Shading Nowhere near done, I need: - Details such as doorhandles -Wheels (I made my own, but they are not of the highest calibre) - Steering wheel, I'm using a wheel from a 1980's era Fiat Panda - Physics in game.........right now it's a mess - Textures, obviously. Comments appreciated.
  5. Peugeot_206

    GMC Syclone

    The sketch is a bit exaggerated in the proportions, but I'm really liking tha agressiveness of this. Would definitely set this apart from a Chevy.
  6. Peugeot_206

    Buick Electra Hybrid

    Tidy, if a bit bland. Would make a lovely facelift for the Zeta-based chinese Buicks.
  7. Peugeot_206

    WIP: Axalon

    I wish I had that much modelling skill........I guess it comes with time and practice. Love your spaceship.
  8. Peugeot_206

    A Sharper Cutlass

    I'd add some overhang and shorten the wheelbase, but overall it looks great.
  9. Peugeot_206

    Cruze Coupe SS

    I love it. It's not a "coupe" but it's roofline suggests a Coupe-Convertible with a folding metal hardtop. Would be perfect for the european audience.
  10. Peugeot_206

    Aviva (3D Model)

    Yeah, that's the game.
  11. Peugeot_206

    Aviva (3D Model)

    I took your advice, and altered the preportions a bit. The wheels are larger, and the greenhouse is a lot less tall. Also, I was able to get most of the normals issues at the front and rear facias resolved. However, the sides need some work.
  12. Peugeot_206

    Aviva (3D Model)

    Ok. I see what your gettting at. About the polycount: It's for a game, so yeah, it's low-poly. (www.racer.nl) I'm going to keep everyhing below the beltline the same, but the roof height and possibly the wheel wells will be enlarged. However, I still think most of it is fine for a tippy econobox. To illustrate, here's my design with a crude window line drawn in.
  13. Peugeot_206

    Aviva (3D Model)

    Using sketchup, I've tried to morph it into a sedan. Other than the bumpy roofline, I think it looks ok, even if it's a bit awkward.
  14. Peugeot_206

    Aviva (3D Model)

    Everyone keeps saying the greenhouse is big......I think it's about right, for a Subcompact Honda Fit competitor. By Comparison: Right now I'm working in google sketchup, but this program shown is Blender.
  15. Peugeot_206

    Aviva (3D Model)

    Here's progress on my 3D model for the Hot Hatch competition at the Racer.nl forums. Soon, this car will be in the game. Here's some more shots with the car a bit more squat......as well as some wheels I made.

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