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  1. Petra

    Who's Side Are You On? UAW Strike 07.

    On the one hand, the UAW's insistence that it is entitled to job security, health care, and above-average wages is infuriating. On the other hand, if GM had said "No" to the UAW's demands 25 years ago, they might not be in this predicament. In the end, I'd say that both are to blame equally. Concession is simply not in the UAW's vocabulary, and anybody who was expecting them to take a hit for the team was only fooling themselves. And GM doesn't have the guts to call the Union's bluff. Nearly 40 years of caving, and you think they're going to change tactics now? In the end, it is all leading to one sad, familiar conclusion. I'd love to see some drastic change as much as the next person, but I just don't think it is realistic.
  2. Well, that, and the simple fact the Toyota can afford to cut thousands upon thousands of dollars off to move the metal. Interestingly enough, this move was called some time ago: http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/?p=2613
  3. Petra

    Chrysler releases pricing on 2008 Caravan & T&C

    See that black plastic in the center stack of the Dodge? I'm pretty sure that's the same gross, black plastic that the center stack in my 1996 Grand Caravan is hewn from.
  4. Petra

    Saab 9-5 renderings

    Neat renderings. For some reason, it says "Oldsmobile" to me.
  5. I wonder what the cost premium will be compared with gasoline versions. Consider that this car will get equal mileage to my 1994 VW Jetta Diesel, but will have amenities such as power windows, A/C (ok, my car has A/C, it just doesn't work), not to mention a lot more room, whilst weighing probably about 1,000 pounds more. That's what I call progress!
  6. Petra

    Ford Prices 2008 Taurus

    How easily they tranformed it from one of the least compelling cars in its market to a real competitor. Too bad they were not able to build them like this in the first place. I predict we'll be seeing the incentives pile up in no time... especially for those orphan 500s that will no doubt be left.
  7. Petra

    Dead brands walking

    As much as nobody here wants to hear it, there has to be a point where it just isn't worth the effort to keep some of GM's brands. Consolidating Buick, GMC & Pontiac was a good move, but if Buick and Pontiac continue to mostly fail to bring in new customers, then what's the point of keeping them around? To appease a few diehards and continue to fleet out huge chunks of their production? Sorry, but that just is not how a successful business works. As another poster said, if they don't get Zeta, what do Buick and Pontiac really have to live for?
  8. Petra

    Spied: 2008 Honda Accord Coupe

    Looks to have lost little from the so-called concept, which is a good thing. There are a lot of people here who will hate on the Accord for the simple fact that it is a Honda. Too bad. The Accord has always been a great car, and this coming generation will be so much the better. Yeah, the new Malibu is great, too, but I'd say it is still playing catch-up, especially with regards to powertrains and simple driving dynamics.
  9. Petra

    NYIAS: Chevy Trax, Beat and Groove

    I voted for the Beat... neat little car, kind of reminds me of the late, great Honda CRX. Stick the Cobalt SS motor in it and watch it go! However, the styling is all Pontiac, IMO. It reminds me of their concepts from the late '90's - early '00's, like the Piranha and the Rageous. The Trax was a close 2nd for me. It presents an interesting take on the "Mini-me SUV" style, but the Beat's styling was more provocative and I didn't really dig the Brown on Copper body mouldings... too many bad memories of the Aztek. The Groove was a distant 3rd. Sorry, but it brings nothing new to the table, and I guarantee that buyers would dismiss it as GM trying to cash in on the xB's success. Also, the front end reminds me of the bland/hideous Chevrolet Uplander, a vehicle which should never be imitated in any way, shape or form.
  10. The fact that Toyota refers to "Blizzard Pearl" (AKA: White) Paint as "stunning" only serves to reinforce their reputation as the king of bland. Yawn...
  11. Petra

    Chrysler, GM to collaborate on large SUV?

    Have they learned nothing from the Commander? What's that old saying about making the same mistake twice and expecting different results...
  12. Petra

    Dodge Demon Roadster Concept

    I can dig it. As much as some people like to wax nostagic about the Razor, it just simply could not have been produced at an appropriate level of performance with a low enough cost at that time. The more modern Caliber/Compass/Patriot platform of today, along with its more powerful lineup of engines (both naturally aspirated & forced-induction), is about a perfect match for this Demon.
  13. Petra

    The Scoop on The G8 Being built in North America

    Interesting you should mention that, as I would be rather curious to see what would fill that signifigant sales void... after all, those fleets are not going to stop wanting vehicles all of a sudden. And, furthermore, returning the Impala to RWD would only serve to make it more attractive to fleets, particularily law enforcement. So long as Oshawa is tooled for flexable manufacturing, I would be in favour of simply continuing to produce the current generation Impala for fleet use only well into the next decade. But, as this thread demonstrates, who really knows what GM has up their sleeves?
  14. Petra

    Online Savings Accounts...

    I've had ING since, uhh... yesterday. So far, so good!
  15. Petra

    Video of Ford 1987

    LOL @ the "Potential hot sellers"! Quite sobering to see, though, how the world has changed only in my lifetime... when that newcast first aired, I was about 6 months old.

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