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    2010 G8 sedan and ST to get 3.6DI

    Isn't transmission used in the G8 V6 same as the one in the gen. 1 CTS?
  2. Member55

    C&G Cadillac Census

    1) 2 2) No
  3. Member55

    CTS named top safety pick by insurance group

    Insurance for my 06 CTS is ~$740 per year, with $1K deductibles. Thats the best of all cars I owned.
  4. Member55

    Focus outsells Cobalt

    Then car manufacturers should do their best not to build the best cars.
  5. Member55

    Motor Trend tests redesigned Euro Focus

    The people complaining about the Focus are the same people complaining about the 08 Escape. last time I checked the Escape is doing good.
  6. Member55

    November 2007 Sales: Ford Motor Company

    One more thing, Ford can't move up the Focus until it has a car smaller than Focus in the lineup.
  7. Member55

    November 2007 Sales: Ford Motor Company

    You put that car in Mercury's showroom and ask ~$30K for it and you'll sell 5 units per year, if you're lucky.
  8. Member55

    LAIAS: 2009 Lincoln MKS

    Cadillac deserves almost as much criticism as Lincoln these days. Clearly Lincoln is down because of lack of investment, on the other hand GM made a huge investment in Cadillac just to end up with no 3-series competitor, no 7-series competitor and two cars competing with 5-series of which one is not good enough to do the job and the other one nobody even knows it's competing with 5-series.
  9. Member55

    LAIAS: 2009 Lincoln MKS

    Lincoln is getting sales on cheap. Considering the situation that might be a responsible thing to do. If they get lucky MKZ/MKX/MKS combined will sell ~100K units, that's about the same as what CTS/STS/SRX are doing for a while now. I bet that assuming a similar volume Lincolns trio is more profitable.
  10. Member55

    LAIAS: 2009 Lincoln MKS

    They should be able to sell ~20K units a year, considering a relatively low investment this vehicle required that might not be a bad number.
  11. Member55

    Volvo S80 concept high performance

    I want my wheels back.
  12. Member55

    GM Announces 2008 Malibu Pricing!

    The only thing the Impala proved is that fleets don't care what kind of engine is in there. Personally I have nothing against pushrod engines but the standards are set by the market leaders.
  13. Member55

    GM Announces 2008 Malibu Pricing!

    The competition is using DOHC engines so you have to use DOHC engine too.
  14. Member55

    GM Announces 2008 Malibu Pricing!

    Anyone disappointed with the 3.6 engine fuel economy? 17 MPG in city versus 19 MPG for the Accord, and that's with an extra gear. Does Accord's V6 require premium?
  15. Member55

    Ford made $750 million in April-June

  16. Member55

    March 07-FOMOCO sales

    Escape is cheaper by ~$3.5K, IMO Ford is trying to have a crossover for every budget. It might be not a bad idea since the crossover market is the next money making machine in the auto business. Ford and GM used to rule the SUV market and while that level of dominance is probably not possible today I don't see why they can't be major players in the growing crossover market.
  17. Member55

    March 07-FOMOCO sales

  18. Member55

    Ford Prices 2008 Taurus

    Thats a nice vehicle for $24K. If you can get the A plan and a small rebate that car would be ~$22K out the door.
  19. Member55

    NYIAS: 2009 Ford Flex

    People who never considered Ford before will be buying these like there is no tomorrow.
  20. European manufacturers didn't complain a few years ago when they were making a killing in the US due to the strong US dollar.
  21. Member55

    March 07-FOMOCO sales

    I honestly think that the Edge and MKX hit the sweet spot size wise. I always thought that if the SRX was shorter and didn't have a third row it would sell much better.
  22. Member55

    Ford Fairlane comes to life as Ford Flex

    This is the key, if they can hit the "our vehicle has the utility of a minivan but it's way cooler than a minivan" spot then selling 100K units will be easy.
  23. Member55

    Saturn releases Aura Green Line Pricing

    If the fuel economy in a family car is what you really care about just get yourself a 4 cyl. Accord. A few grand cheaper with a slightly inferior mileage but there is no battery to replace down the road and no extra maintenance bills that you are almost guarantied to have with any hybrid car. IMO Over ~10 years of driving a 4 cyl. Accord will end up being cheaper than a hybrid Aura.
  24. Member55

    Saturn releases Aura Green Line Pricing

    Why would anyone want a hybrid? It takes years to start saving money and then just about that time it's time for a new battery. Also, all these hybrid cars will be one day out of the warranty, do you really want to be stuck with paying for all the stuff that can go wrong with a hybrid car?
  25. Member55

    VW Trying Again

    It was too big of a jump, for years Passat was their premium vehicle and next thing you know here comes the Phaeton. IMO it would make more sense if they came out with the 5-series competitor.

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