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  1. s113

    Hope you like that lower lip piercing...

    Weird. Anyway, go to eBay Motors and look for a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt. It says "2006 Chevrolet Cobalt new with tags!"
  2. ...because it's going to cost you a brand new car!
  3. s113

    Buick fans vs. LA Times

    Los Angeles Times = One of what I call the "Big Three" of the liberal media (New York Times and Washington Post being the other two. Liberal media = against American big business. So it's no surprise to me that they would bash GM and/or one of its brands.
  4. s113

    GM dealers are almost empty!

    I've been to several local Chevrolet dealerships and have seen a few HHR's and one or two Malibu Maxx SS's, but no Impala SS's, Malibu Sedan SS's or even Aveos.
  5. s113

    What did each car replace?

    Didn't the Achieva replace the Calais?
  6. s113

    C&G Spy Shots: The Next ION!

    I thought Paolino was talking about steering wheels, but I could be wrong :unsure:
  7. s113

    C&G Spy Shots: The Next ION!

    Actually, the 4-spoke design currently being used in the Cobalt, Pursuit and Ion is one of my favorites. :)
  8. s113

    So GM admits it...

    I'm not so sure. After all, when was the last time you said "Boy, that's a drop dead gorgeous minivan"? http://www.cheersandgears.com/public/style_emoticons//AH-HA_wink.gif
  9. s113

    Buick Announces Pricing for All New 2006 Lucerne

    I believe the LeSabre started its run as the best selling full-sized car in the early 1990's, well before the Eighty Eight died in 1999.
  10. s113

    C&G Spy Shots: The Next ION!

    The new one is so much better that it's hard to tell they're the same car. ;)
  11. s113

    '06 Impala Fit-and-Finish

    You mean late 1990's-early 2000's Chevrolet font? :P Chevrolet stopped using the "classic '80's GM font" in the late 1990's, although some of the older, outgoing GM models from other brands (i.e. Buick LeSabre, Pontiac Grand Am) still have it. After looking at the gauges on a 2006 Impala LS today, I don't see a whole lot of difference between the new font and the old one, although I wish they'd kept the 10 MPH increment (e.g. 10, 20, 30, etc.) instead of switching to the 20 MPH increment (20, 40, 60, 80, etc.)
  12. s113

    NEW spy pic of Escalade EXT front...

    Good point -- that is the the main way I can distinguish the non-cladded Avalanches from the crew cab Silveradoes at a distance :P
  13. s113

    Lucerne sighted in Connecticut!

    You mean the Joseph Abboud special edition? I preferred the regular emblem on the Regal myself. :P I liked the red, white and blue shields...in a sense, it added a patriotic touch to the logo, in the eyes of this American. http://www.cheersandgears.com/public/style_emoticons//AH-HA_wink.gif
  14. s113

    The Last Lesabre

    LeSabre was the whole full-sized lineup? What about Park Avenue? That also survived until this year, you know :P
  15. s113

    US Should Get Pursuit

    I would like to see the Pursuit come here...as the Pursuit, not the G4.

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