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  1. Nice to see this kind of work being put in on the Intrepid. Would love to see it stanced, y0! And with a raunchier exhaust of course. That is a sexy one. Might have to consider it for the Volvo if the stock one (itself a sporty piece) ever breaks. Coolant and ATF mixing is probably even worse. Was looking at this guy's 740 wagon, courting it for weeks, and we finally go to get it inspected, only for me to learn that coolant was all inside the tranny. Needless to say, I just kept looking. Manufacturers really need to stop putting coolers of other fluids inside radiators. It's a recipe fo
  2. Hey there, Ted. Just read the whole thread, couldn't wait to drop some suggestions, but since you replaced it with the Firebird, they all still apply: -That Achieva could've used a 3800 swap and a turbo (you should see the YouTubes of the W-bodies and swaps into other platforms). But the turbo still applies to this and all 3800 cars (including 98s and Cieras)! -Definitely could stand to be stanced FTW! -And for the love of Jeezus, stop driving your pride and joy in that awful Ontario salt! Let the frame of the Achieva be a lesson to you.
  3. I'm now a Volvo guy, having just bought an 850 Turbo and having immersed myself in the Volvo community. The current whiteblock 5 and 6 cylinders, and the old redblock fours that powered the stereotypical Volvos of the 70s and 80s are extremely durable and reliable, capable of lasting 300,000 miles and beyond. As mentioned above, fuel economy was never one of their strong suits. I don't believe the whiteblocks need to be outright retired, but Volvo hasn't made them very competitive in the horsepower wars of the past decade. 300 horses and 30 combined mpg is commonplace in cars that cost a lot
  4. "Chrysler Barracuda" has a nice ring to it. I don't think it or a new Challenger has to be retro. Why not a sleeker, modern-looking, lighter GT that still packs raunchy 300-400+ hp raunchiness? The retro pony cars were good for reboot (Mustang)/reentry (Challenger and Camaro), but it's time to expand what these cars can look like, add to the heritage.
  5. If only they'd sell us Falcons. They can even rename them Tauruses (Tauri?) in the US if it makes them feel better...
  6. If Buick offers it, they will come. Excellent alternative to Accord and Altima.
  7. They could stand to take away all the boy-racer bits and offer it in grown-man colors. But I still love the actual car. This thing could definitely take down the updated Genesis and M56 as a Buick.
  8. ITA about coupe utilities (the kind of car the El Camino and Ranchero is). It would be nice to see maybe a Crosstour built such a way. I do miss formal rooflines. And flying buttresses. If anything, I wanna see more intermediate and full-size coupes and especially wagons. The GTO, Magnum and Mazda6 wagon were steps in the right direction. Also 2-door sedans. And GRAND TOURING cars! What would the Riviera, Supra, Thunderbird, Imperial, et al, be like on today's platforms? Car companies just aren't fearless enough these days in this market. Perfectly content with mimicking the Camcordima and
  9. And to everyone with their fear of the Chinese, I don't see how SAAB (or Volvo for that matter) gives up their identity and ability to engineer to fit the Chinese's reputation among Americans of building ugly deathtraps. Jaguar and Land Rover haven't exactly turned all-Indian. Still very British last time I checked. The capital needs to come from somewhere and China is one place that has it in droves. GM is too busy killing everything in sight so they can concentrate on their beloved Chevy (a brand which was historically their darling anyway). Pontiac and Saturn is one thing, but it's not
  10. Say what you will about Tiger (I'm no huge fan of him either), but he doesn't seem like the type to blow all his money, especially not on the BS a lot of wealthy people would. I think he'll be fine once Cheatgate blows over. Anyway, back to SAAB.
  11. I'm not buyin' it, but we can agree to disagree here. I think the cars I named off have style. I don't see the Flex as even appealing to women. The average sedan of today is about as tall as the Flex, do they look akin to trucks too? And as far as AMC, as irrelevant as their name is in the conversation, I'd rather have a standard Concord wagon...lifted station wagons just look silly to me....like someone's lame attempt at building a suburban dunebuggy. Eagle, Outback, XC...all blow super chunks. Pisses me off the way high-riding a Cutlass or Caprice does others. One thing I notice is
  12. Hardy har har... In the immortal words of Jay-Z, we don't believe you, you need more people. I'll give you maybe EX and Venza, but Flex and R-Class don't look remotely like SUVs. Observe... Come on...let's not act as if I tried to sell the panel on a lowered Highlander or CR-V.
  13. As far as the wannabe SUV crossovers, it's a shame that nice engines and fairly curvy car lines are ruined by the ground clearance and the silly *cue dumb blonde* "SUV bits." I think most all of them should have been standard wagons, or at least more like the Flex or R-Class. It really is a shame to see the industry and the entire automotive scene, all this great tech and luxury and their true capabilities put to the wrong use in this stupid SUV/crossover craze of the past 15 years.

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