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  1. I was driving from Seattle to Spokane and saw a 2011 Ford Explorer. It was a limited version w/ dual exhaust and manufacturer plates from Michigan. Took a lousy video of me following it.
  2. Cool to see a lot of y'all end up with admin rolls. I assume Josh is long gone - is Oldsmoboi in charge (I'm guessing from his description). If so, congrats. Also fun to see we all have the same join date pretty much. Thanks for the welcomes.
  3. Nice. I've kinda had a falling out with GM after the whole bailout deal.
  4. Been years since I came here. Spending most my time on Autoblog. How's everyone doing? Ocnblu still hanging around?
  5. Just head over to my blog and you can see a few of my road trips: http://www.bandholz.com
  6. Doing alright. Moved from SC to WA not too long ago. Been gettin' most of my auto news from autoblog.com :-\
  7. Have y'all heard about bingle search engine. It allows you to compare side by side google and bing. check it out: http://www.bingle.nu Oh, and what's the password to the rated R forum?
  8. Man, didn't know anyone remembered me from this forum. It's been a while and I've been going to Autoblog for my car news :-\. Also started up a couple of projects: http://www.bingle.nu and http://www.wakomo.com and moved from SC to WA.
  9. Here are the 5 options you should have put. I am libertarian
  10. This article wasn't suppose to be released to 12:01am but it looks like someone slipped up. I copied and pasted article in case they take it down. http://www.autoblog.com/2008/08/19/autoblo...09-corvette-zr1
  11. Chris was the exterior in just a normal Lacrosse, or what did the outside look like?
  12. lol. I would love to shrink the government, but alas it will never happen.
  13. I know the same feeling. My 1992 Buick PA was stolen just weeks after we replaced the transmission (@ 200k). They ended up finding the car and chasing after them. The thieves got off on foot because the police couldn't catch them. My car was trashed. They might go after the beater cars because it's not grand theft. Also, if he had a gun in the car it would now be the criminals. I don't think in this situation it's good to have a gun.
  14. Not to be an unqualified financial advisor. But investing your cash into a depreciating expense might not be the best plan. Depending on the rate you get, it might be worth it to keep that cash in a money market (2-3%), low(er) risk mutal funds or etfs (3-8% return). If you could get a 36 month loan at a rate of 1.9% or something similar then definitely take the loan and invest the cash!

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