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  1. ImpalaPete

    Industry News: Convertible Sales Are Still Down

    He's saying that widespread use of high-strength steel allows its use beyond premium convertibles, such as for lower-cost and more practical sky roofs in vehicles people drive every day.
  2. The last Impala SS was a laugh-out-loud joke.
  3. I doubt most will notice. There isn't a tremendous amount of difference between a Jetta and a Jetta GLI in daily driving. Mainly depends on where a person lives. In some places (intentionally ignoring why), small changes don't matter. In other places, seemingly minor changes make a big difference in sales.
  4. 1.8T and IRS for Jetta will be a huge hit. IRS will snag a lot of fence sitters eyeballing the Jetta TDI.
  5. ImpalaPete

    Industry News: Convertible Sales Are Still Down

    Like somebody once told me, the best convertible to ride in is one you don't own. People are catching on.
  6. ImpalaPete

    Ford News: Ford Slashes The Price Of The Focus EV

    I live in an area with obscene spare cash. I see like-new classic cars and exotic sports cars nearly every day. HVs are everywhere. EVs are non-existent. Most folks here drive 100+ miles round trip for work. Even during the best of warm weather, EVs are not an option, especially with our unpredictable traffic and no public charging stations. IMO, EVs are doomed unless/until range is extended to 200 miles.
  7. ImpalaPete


    I am also a longtime fan of the Traction T/A on smaller wheels. They look great and handle well enough. Also agreed that Goodyear Integrity tires are awful. Had them on two cars when new. Nothing good to say about them. I couldn't get rid of them fast enough. The only worse tire I've had on a new car lately is the Bridgestone Turanza EL400. Horrific tire in any category.
  8. ImpalaPete

    Word Association

  9. ImpalaPete


    Two over-achievers I like on my vehicles: 1) semi-classic choice: Yokohama H4S, superb in every way for a performance tire, even in snow; 2) new kid: General Altimax HP, superb grand touring ride, super quiet, nearly equal to H4S in steering response. As for Kumho, there are much better U.S.-made and Japanese-made options for a little more money.
  10. ImpalaPete

    Valvoline vs. Mobil?

    Mobil 1 and SynPower use a virtually identical blend of Group III and IV base stocks. The additives are different. In the industry's myriad techno-weenie tests, SynPower always equals or slightly exceeds the performance of Mobil 1. Buying one versus the other should come down to which one is less money at the time of purchase.
  11. ImpalaPete

    A little oil poll....

    Group V polyol ester based oils are a much better alternative if your budget allows, with Redline 5W-30 And Amsoil SSO 0W-30 being two examples. Several years ago, as a cost-cutting measure to compete with the lower end of the market, Mobil changed Mobil 1's base stock over to a blend of Group III hydrocracked mineral oil and Group IV PAO. Having myself used Mobil 1 for many years before the formula changed, it was night and day obvious after using the the "new" Mobil 1 for a year or so. The entire time I kept wondering why it suddenly smelled liked used motor oil and looked like molasses when draining it. In my many vehicles, the "new" formula did not hold up nearly as well after 3K miles compared to 8-10K miles for the old formula. If you want to use a Group III/Group IV-based synthetic to save money, there are better performers than Mobil 1 for a lot less money.
  12. ImpalaPete

    Big News at 2:30 EST

    ? 2009 Toyota Corolla Stock #: T151499 Style: 4dr Sdn Man S (Natl) Model #: 1833 VIN: 2T1BU40E99C151499 -5-speed manual transmission w/OD 1236 http://www.fitzmall.com/fitzway/carfind/RE...20T23:03:21.540 2009 Toyota Corolla Transmission: 5-Speed Manual Stock Number: 903393 VIN: 2T1BU40E19C138021 Model Code: 1831 http://toyotaf.darcars.com/new-inventory/v...useHistory=true TOYOTA COROLLA BASE Year 2009 Transmission 5MT VIN 2T1BU40E49C136148 http://www.youngertoyota.com/profile.asp?V...=&distance=
  13. ImpalaPete

    AURA and CTS getting Diesels by 2010

    About time. Only three to four years late. Were they here for sale now offering great MPG, GM could probably sell every one without any need for big discounts. There would certainly be one in my driveway. I have no doubt there is a sizable percentage of new car buyers in the U.S. who would prefer diesel cars over the compromises, costs, and marginal benefits of gasoline hybrids. GM could really rock the boat by selling a hybrid diesel right out of the gate, something I doubt GM has the guts to do.
  14. ImpalaPete

    2009 Chevrolet SS Spotted In California

    Pretty much the exact same car has been spotted and photographed in San Diego and Detroit during the past week near GM facilities. Certainly not a coincidence. Of particular note, GM is making almost no attempt to conceal or otherwise disguise the vehicle. Obvious conclusions are: 1) GM is looking for free advertising on the web in forums like this to prove that GM is serious about a return to full-size RWD performance sedans. The goal is to prime the market. 2) The cars are straw men intended to throw snoopers with cameras off the scent, possibly meaning GM's next RWD sedan will look nothing like a Commodore clone (G8). 3) The cars are test mules for the underlying platform and possibly for U.S.-specific parts being tested on the platform. 4) Some combo of the above. 5) The next-generation GM sedans will be more of the same: FWD also-rans. This is GM's suicide pact to guarantee a huge letdown when the new sedans are finally unveiled. (tongue in cheek) Conclusion #4 seems most likely, basically killing multiple birds with one stone, keeping the buying public interested, and maybe discouraging some folks from buying current alternatives from the competition over the next year or so until the real deal is finally made public.
  15. ImpalaPete

    CONCEPT: Chevrolet Volt

    It's way too cool, cutting edge, and "gotta have". GM will never build it. It will fade into nothingness.

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