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  1. IfICouldWouldYou?

    GM & Ford stock closing numbers today

    Considering Toyota is backed by the Japanese government, $143 billion is chicken feed.
  2. IfICouldWouldYou?

    First Drive: 2009 Chevrolet Traverse

    +1 Too many self appointed enthusiasts don't realize that most people out there don't know and don't care. Many on C&G are guilty of shoving their own brand of beliefs down our throats.
  3. IfICouldWouldYou?

    First Drive: 2009 Chevrolet Traverse

    Brand loyalty? I have one word: Dodge. Now there is blindness. Chrysler has been 3rd place since Walter rented the Waldorf Astoria to show off his new cars. They've brushed bankruptcy more times than Bill Clinton never had sexual relations with that woman. To me, Enzl and Carbiz are opposite sides of the same coin. However, GM has enough armchair critics who are piling on these days.
  4. IfICouldWouldYou?

    I have TB

    There's another vehicle that wore out the welcome mat. The Trailblazer was a nice enough vehicle when introduced, but it has languished far too long.
  5. IfICouldWouldYou?

    GM Burning Cash Article

    How do we explain the Board's actions in all this? Are they all a bunch of fools? Is Rick so smooth that he has them all hoodwinked? I can't believe that these learned men and woman can't see the bigger picture.
  6. IfICouldWouldYou?

    GM Officially Cancels Zeta Buick

    Depends on your definition of 'small,' doesn't it? The original Seville was 'small' by Detroit's standards of the day. It was a decently competent vehicle - even beautiful. It was the second generation that ruined that name.
  7. IfICouldWouldYou?

    W-Body to live into 2012?

    Shh, don't confuse him with facts.
  8. IfICouldWouldYou?

    W-Body to live into 2012?

    The trouble with nay-sayers like you, sir, is that you have a short memory when it suits you. Chevrolet has never meant 'top drawer' or cutting edge. When Chevrolet kicked Ford into second place back in the early '50s, it was through a good ol' fashion price war. There were better vehicles out there (Buick, even some Packards at the time), but it was the volumes set by Chevrolet that catapulted it (and GM) to #1. Get more, decent product into the layperson and show them how things have changed. The average Joe doesn't care about # of valves or # of gears - they care only about price, quality and a bit of style. Nobody is going to argue that Toyota is a style leader. If you look at price, they haven't been 'cheap' in about 15 years. If you look at 'quality,' the difference between GM and Toyota has been like a half visit per year to the dealer. What does that mean, exactly? The real challenge is in convincing people with hidden agendas that every car does not have to perform like a BMW or be constructed like a Sherman tank.
  9. IfICouldWouldYou?

    A new isolationism ?

    Personally, I love the idea of offshoring our manufacturing base and jobs to China, then having to compete with them on the world stage for dwindling resources. I think that is the definition of irony.
  10. IfICouldWouldYou?

    G8 second fastest selling sedan in USA !!!

    Oh, and look: there is the awful Impala on the Top 10 List.
  11. IfICouldWouldYou?

    W-Body to live into 2012?

    Ask, and ye shall receive: http://www.hondawest.ca/en/service/mainten...7CCoupe+EX-L+V6 Of course, I had to dig for this. Honda certainly doesn't advertise this on their website!
  12. IfICouldWouldYou?

    W-Body to live into 2012?

    And don't forget the $800 timing belt change on your super quiet Honda V-6!!!
  13. IfICouldWouldYou?

    W-Body to live into 2012?

    1/4 million people disagreed with you last year. Yes, even the fleet people. Not bad for a 15+ year old platform. I wonder how many consumers give a rat's ass about 'overhangs' and pushrods, except when so-called enthusiasts point it out.
  14. IfICouldWouldYou?

    W-Body to live into 2012?

    I heard Honda was using OnStar a couple years ago. Why would GM give over proprietary information that they have worked on for 10+ years and more (via Hughes when they bought it)?
  15. IfICouldWouldYou?

    De Lorenzo: It's all over but the hand-wringing for Pontiac

    Safety? Fuel economy? The Yaris is only 4 Stars, frontal. GM is claiming a 9% improvment in fuel economy on the '09 Aveo with a virtually new powertrain. I rented a Yaris. Not my choice. It was all they had left. It was, disappointing to say the least. Certainly not in the same class as the Fit or Versa.

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