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  1. It was.... but it should have stayed as a military application.
  2. Do I hear rear wheel drive Saab with a V8? I'd put that in my vehicle choices.
  3. BatmanGTO

    Chevrolet Camaro takes Dallas by force

    Guy in the C5.... awesome haha
  4. BatmanGTO

    The truth about the G8

    I didn't conveniently read over anything. Yes a majority have said it is a great car (me being in agreement) but a post is made that the car is doing well for the economic times, being the type of vehicle it is, and everyone thinks it should be doing fantastic beyond all measurable accounts. Alot of people tend to look down on the G8 (whether it is because it's a Pontiac or for whatever reason they feel like coming up with nowadays) and I for one think it is fantastic that it is doing as well as it is (all things considered). Maybe the rest of GM's sales need to step up if a RWD sport sedan is making progress. What happened to the supposed gas crisis and everyone running to get eco-friendly fwd vehicles? In my own biased opinion (that I'll openly admit), I for one am happy that a vehicle like the G8 has not crashed and burned like so many expected of it from the get go. Long live RWD V8's (and any REAL excitement from Pontiac) and on that note I'm going to bed. P.S. G8 was never intended to be mainstream (nor has the production capabilities to meet that market) and forbid the G8 to ever become mainstream, because that might just give me hope for the first time in a long time that GM might have a clue at what they are doing. kthxilgobai
  5. BatmanGTO

    The truth about the G8

    WOW..... your right these guys are butchering this car/thread. Hey guys I drive a GTO (new body) want to rip me a new one? Oh wait that has been done and people are finally at the point they realize it's a great car. Does this mean I have to wait for the G8 to be canceled before everyone misses this one too? GM officially sux. Three cheers(and no gears) for you guys.
  6. BatmanGTO

    The truth about the 2004-2006 GTO

    Well I have mine.... so I'm good
  7. BatmanGTO

    RIP G8 ST

    Bow chica bow bow?
  8. BatmanGTO


    What about the Lotus Evora??? hmmm.... but that was not my vote. Just thought of that one while I was browsing the porn....
  9. BatmanGTO

    Killer Phantom project!

    well GM is coming out with the 454 lsx block crate motor for sale.... 634 horse wouldn't be too shabby in that puppy.....
  10. BatmanGTO

    Opinions, please

    I would say for the right buyer.... 5-10k depends what outlet you are going through to get it sold.
  11. BatmanGTO

    Sexual Preference

    QUOTE (Camino LS6 @ Jan 24 2009, 08:36 PM) This is funny on several levels. Right Batman? Black and Blue Landscaper? I'm dying laughing here! "Jet- Ta" oh shut up....
  12. BatmanGTO

    RIP G8 ST

    Couldn't we just steal two of the show cars?
  13. Cars are doomed in general.... i'm investing in a rocketship...
  14. BatmanGTO

    Project Camino!

    KEY TIME!!! You better wait..... and we better be done before I have to go out... I have to make sure Jerami doesn't go too wild.
  15. BatmanGTO

    Automotive News: Pontiac future products

    sweet..... Audi S5 here i come

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