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  • Drew Dowdell
    Drew Dowdell

    Faraday Future Investor Aquires 51% of NEVS

      Evergrande Group in China has acquired 51% of the shares in NEVS AB in Sweden

    On Wednesday, NEVS AB announced that it has a new owner. Evergrande Group's subsidiary, Evergrande Health, the main investor in Faraday Future, has acquired 51% of the share of NEVS AB. NEVS bought the remnants of SAAB after Spyker, Saab's prior owner, went into bankruptcy. 

    NEVS has been using Saab 9-3 bodies to build electric vehicles for China.  They have manufacturing plants in Tianjin China and Trollhättan, Sweden with another under construction in Shanghai China.

    NEVS AB was founded in 2012 by Kai Johan Jiang when he bought the bankruptcy estate after Saab Automobile. Since then he has been the major owner of the company. Kai Johan Jiang will hold the remaining 49% of shares through his NE Holding company.

    Faraday Future and Evergrande settled a dispute over shares earlier this month that had put the future of Faraday Future in jeopardy.  Evergrande settled by reducing its stake in Faraday from 45 percent to 32 percent.  

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    59 minutes ago, Drew Dowdell said:

    Why? They were known for safety.

    No disagreement about safety, I just would have thought they would have wanted a nose that reflected them than continue to use the old SAAB Nose.

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    5 minutes ago, dfelt said:

    No disagreement about safety, I just would have thought they would have wanted a nose that reflected them than continue to use the old SAAB Nose.

    That would require investment...looks like they spent a few bucks on a new grille and badge. 

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    37 minutes ago, Robert Hall said:

    That would require investment...looks like they spent a few bucks on a new grille and badge. 

    NEVS hasn't had much in the way of investment until now.

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    • Kerrie Underwood
    • Costco gas stations at least here in Washington are open 5am to 9pm 7 days a week. I see long lines usually in the afternoon and early evening. Rarely in the mornings or late night. It is interesting to see the same company trucks come and fill up the costco stations and then go across the street to the Shell and fill up their tanks. As @USA-1 posted link, it is true that not all gas is created equal and you do have farm grade cheap ass gas. Yet with the standards today and the fact that cheaper farm grade gas is also sold at local pumps and clearly marked, not all auto's can handle the cheaper gas especially those blended with ethanol. Costco has their certifications posted at the pumps and online as their detergent gas comes from the same distribution centers and is certified Top Tier and like @ykX stated, I have auto's with 200,000 miles on them running still just fine on Costco gas too. Why the long response to you, is that you HIT THE NAIL on the Head and Costco is on record that the gas is an additional benefit they offer to help their members do one stop shopping, just like tires. It is not about maximizing a profit on every sale but about offering value to the members who then also go in and spend on average $150 per trip into a costco to get stuff. The Business model is about generating profits on large about of turn over at an average of 5% mark up. Yes there are some products brought in that clearly have a much larger mark up, but Costco business model on how they built the business has always been on the average small markup on sales of thousands of units rather than a large markup on a few sales. Costco gas is the same thing, they buy Bulk Top Tier Gas to offer at a small markup to their members as the general public cannot buy gas there. A benefit to membership, unlike a shell, Exxon or Mobil where the franchise owner has a large % markup so that they can make a small profit after they pay all the fees to the oil company. Two different business models, some get suckered into paying crazy high gas prices for the same grade of gas versus others who see the value and benefit from having less outlay in cost. FYI @USA-1 The recommendation from my Cadillac dealership is not the only GM dealership as both the east side Bellevue Chevrolet/Cadillac Dealership where I bought my SS and the Everett Chevrolet Dealership as well as the Everett Buick dealership where my sister bought her Buick all recommend Costco as it is a CERTIFIED TOP TIER GAS SUPPLIER. End of explaining this, I wish you the best paying out much higher gas prices to your local Shell or which ever name gas station you use. Happy your happy with your auto performance on their over priced gas. Like you said you get what you pay for and in your mind you have a superior product. Interesting that my custom tuned SS runs so awesome on Costco Premium gas as it always has required and I am at 140,000 miles on my SS and it runs better now than it did the day I bought it new from the dealership. Seems Costco gas is a quality less expensive product for me.
    • I'm pretty sure Costco sells gas to attempt to drive traffic to their store, not to make much of a profit on it. I've just grown tired of the lineups so I rarely fill up there unless I know it is a quiet time, around 9am on a weekday.    
    • If you keep making these kind of claims, I have one of my own.  For the last 6 years I was putting Costco gas in my G37S and I drove it for over 150k miles in those years (I was putting about 29k miles a year).  The car has now over 190k miles. Engine still runs great.  So lets agree to disagree on Costco gas.  
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