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    Toyota e-TNGA Platform to be Unveiled April 19 as part of "Beyond Zero" EV products.

      To comply with European and Chinese laws, Toyota has filed a new family of Names for their "Beyond Zero" EV product line built on the e-TNGA platform.

    According to L'argus.fr a french news reporting site, they have uncovered that the first 100% electric SUV from Toyota is to be called BZ4X with X standing for AWD. This BZ4X will be a class equal in size to the current Toyota Rav4. This news site states that Toyota will unveil the BZ4X on April 19th 2021.


    As stated, Toyota a strong Hybrid auto builder and strong believer that Hydrogen is the real future has found itself playing catch up to an industry that is now dominated by European and Chinese having declared for personal auto's that BEV is the future.

    Built on the e-TNGA platform Toyota has filed the following family line of names:

    • BZ1, BZ2, BZ3, BZ4 and BZ5 expected to be either FWD or RWD.
    • BZ2X, BZ4X are expected to be AWD.


    The sneek peak image that Toyota has released is expected to be what the production BEV will look like of their 6 BEV lineup with the BZ4/BZ4X being the first out equal in size as stated earlier to the Toyota RAV4 in both ICE and Hybrid form.


    The product line will be totally built on the e-TNGA platform of either 1 or 2 motors. This product line will also be sold at Subaru under their new BEV product line called Evoltis as well as an undefined name for Lexus.


    This product line of BEV to be sold under three name plates will have a range of 110 to 220 or 300 HP for a sporty version based on past comments from Toyota.

    Welcome to "Beyond Zero"


    Toyota BZ4X (2022). Le premier SUV 100 % électrique bientôt dévoilé (largus.fr)

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