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    As the Diesel Emits: CARB and Volkswagen To Begin Testing Potential Fixes for 2.0L TDI

      Some good news concerning a possible fix for the 2.0L TDI

    One of the stumbling blocks for Volkswagen with the diesel emission scandal has been trying to find a fix that the feds would agree to. Previous attempts for the 2.0 and 3.0L TDI have ended with rejection from the California Air Resources Board due to the "submissions are incomplete, substantially deficient, and fall far short of meeting the legal requirements to return these vehicles to the claimed certified configuration." But it seems progress is being made on this.


    In an interview with Reuters, CARB's head Mary Nichols said they are working with Volkswagen on testing potential fixes for the three generations of the 2.0L TDI four-cylinder engine.


    “They brought in a whole new team of people to work on various aspects of this. There’s just a greater sense that we’re dealing with people who have access to the decision makers in Germany, and who understand their credibility is on the line," said Nichols.


    The potential fixes must improve emissions by 80 to 90 percent of federal pollution standards. This seems odd since regulators wanted Volkswagen to get the vehicles fully meeting standards, but they are willing to give the company some breathing room as Volkswagen will be paying $2.7 billion to reduce the excess NOx emissions spewing from their vehicles.


    Getting a fix approved could be Volkswagen's saving grace as they could offer owners the choice of either having their vehicles bought back or having them fixed, which in turn could lessen the hurt of buying back all of the affected vehicles. Whether this pans out remains to be seen.


    Source: Reuters

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    HELLO McFLY! Would it just not be easier to just buy back all the cars, crush them or ship them off to 3rd world markets and dump them there?


    Why waste trying to engineer a fix and just remove the offending auto's. Move forward and minimize costs.

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    Seems South Korea is punishing VW hard with bigger than normal fines for the diesel mess and banning sale of 80 models of auto's.




    This latest push with a total recall covering 68% of VW and Audi auto's in the country pretty much shuts down VW / Audi in that country.


    This pretty much kills the dealerships in that country who sold VW & Audi.


    Multiple countries are now pushing and asking the US to push for a total of 11 million auto's to be recalled and taken off the roads.


    Could this be the death kill of VW?

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    While as an enthusiast I don't want it to be..they almost deserve it for the work they did to cover up the crime they committed. It's one thing to commit the crime and another to drag it through like 3 models over something like 12 years or whatever it was. That's about as deliberate as it gets and extremely fraudulent for everybody involved. I do think they should be fined or whatnot to the point of having to sell off brands to pay the fines/fix vehicles.

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