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Was considering on getting a 94 Z28

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here's the orginal post I had made at modern driver about it

Last week on my home from work I'm driving along a service road where there's not much, just some shipping companies and a single car dealership that look more like a junk yard. That time in the front of the lot is a blue Camaro Z28 with a price tag of $3k. That color and price got my attention right away, not to mention the Z28 embelms on the side. I thought about it evertime I drove past that dealership in the past week and spoke to my parents before hand so they don't think I'm buying some frivolus toy. So today after work I went to check it out.

I looked at the body and it looks pretty good condition, no noticeable dents or scrapes. The paint is a little faded and worn in some areas so a paintjob would be needed. The drivers side door shuts but the metal isn't bolted up or something so it hangs out a bit (could be rust causing that). I was bummed to see an auto in there but at the moment I don't know stick. There a little rust spot on the rear driverside fender around the wheel arch. The odometer said roughly 132k miles.
A guy came out and we're talking about the car (he makes a comment how he notices my car around B) , then I add that it's lacking RWD + V8 ). I ask him if it was possible to take it for a test drive so he went out to get the plates but he said due to his insurance, only he can drive it. The guy said it was a 5 speed auto, I'm thinking 4 speed with overdrive or is that the same thing? There is a little rip in the driver's seat but if I do get the car I'd replace the seat for something... better... The drivers side window goes down sluggishly and he said you have to rapidly press on the button to get it down, passenger's side goes down smooth, fast and quiet (ah how I miss power windows)
So he took it out to the highway first just cruising speed, not hard acceleration and it shifted very smoothly. The ride was seady and not hard but he said the control was pretty responsive. On the way back he did a hard acceleration and before I knew it we were pushing 95 :o 2seconds later a cop was on the opposite side of the highway and he was down to 60 in no time B) . The guy said the car has been siting on the lot for a few weeks with out having been started up and with some general maintenance (air filter, oil change, other filters, sparkplugs) he said it would blow my mind.
He said if I had cash, I can have it for $2500 + tax but as of now I'm would have to take a loan out and with having no credit, I doubt I could get a $3000 loan. Obviously I didn't tell him I had 0 credit and I got all the info needed (title, vin, ect) and told them I'll get a hold of them after I had called up a few quotes.
I had checked carfax and there's 5 records so I'll probly pay the $20 to get those.

So for a quick rundown here's the details:
1994 Camaro Z28
5.7L V8 LT1
4spd Auto w/od (or is it really a 5spd auto?)
132k miles
Cloth seats with a rip in the driver's seat
Driver/Passenger airbags
Blue paint (kinda worn/dull on the hood)
Slight rust spot on driver's side rear wheel arch
Driver's door needs aligning or something (fixing)

$2500 - Cash
$3000 - Credit

Any Thoughts?

Later yesterday a friend I know that's more knowledgable in car mechanics than I took a ride down there with me and we looked at the car as well as I brought a camera. His first comment was "Eh.. I don't know about this Decker.. not for $3k"
He said he knows a guy that lives down the road from him that's selling a 1960s GMC pickup for $2500 but I'm not that big of a truck guy...

Here's the pics I took, please tell me your thoughts...
Posted Image
Posted Image

I do feel that maybe $3k is a bit much for an 11 year old car and taking in the work needed to be done for it...

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I wouldn't bother. It really looks like it was beat on. Tht car was probably in an accident and had to have the bumper repainted....to my knowledge Camaros never had the peeling paint syndrome. Plus, 132K on a car that lived a hard life is only going to nickel and dime you to death. Unless you want it as a project car and intend to restore and keep it, stay away from it....spend a couple of K more and get a better specimen.

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I'm with z. For a '94, it looks really beat. The deteriorating paint job and ill-fitting hood look suspicious, as does the misaligned driver's-side door. I'd hesitate and keep on the lookout for a model in better condition. Good luck and be sure to keep us updated.

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thanks for the feedback.. I wish the guy had let me drivin it but it was still exilerating. Someday I'll own one of these cars... I'd perfer a 98+ Trans Am WS6 but I'll settle with a 93+ Fbody/04+ GTO

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He said he knows a guy that lives down the road from him that's selling a 1960s GMC pickup for $2500 but I'm not that big of a truck guy...

:o You had me at "1960s GMC pickup"!!! :P

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For like $2000 it would still be a good deal.

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