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Posted on camaroz28.com on January 20, 2006:

Holden's Zeta is ALOT more than "close" to production ready. The thing's going to be on the assembly line in about 7 months!

As for the Camaro, it's on. ;)

Holden is doing some final stuff to the car, and has been for a little while.

Since Camaro doesn't have to wait for another assembly line's model to run it's production course, all is needed is to rip up idle assembly line and put in the new.

Most of the structure is based on Holden's done VE chassis, so parts are going to be available PDQ.

This is the stuff what Welburn was alluding to, without going into details (something no one at GM is allowed to do yet).

Camaro's coming quicker than we think. ;)

Yeah, it's an old post and it might've been highlighted here before, but I just saw it. Now, that was about 9.5 months ago.. does this post still hold emphasis?

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i didn't think Oshawa 2 was idle for a couple of more months.

I’ve “heard” :AH-HA_wink: that supplier’s won’t be sending out PO’s for equipment to build parts till Q2 next year, assuming it doesn’t get pushed back, which many Big 3 have been doing lately.

Equipment build & run off for components can take anywhere from 30 weeks to a year.

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plus the first 50 or so cars off the line are beat and stripped down to find errors in production. since the Hand built one has care into each part while some guy on the line that hates his job (trust me working on the line is no fun job, theres a reason it was 25 and out not 30) puts no effort or care and sends it down the line.

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