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Guest YellowJacket894

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Guest YellowJacket894
Okay, this question is going to be a whopper.

Name 10 (or more) colors used on several GM cars that were also used on Fender and Gibson guitars.

You must:
-List the years that division used that color
-Which cars used that color
-List the years that guitar maker used that color
-Which guitars used that color
-What used what first? GM or Fender or Gibson.
-The other names for that color used by GM, Fender, and Gibson

If you look around on the internet, this should not take you very long.

Good luck. You may need it. B)
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Sadly, Everything I know about Guitars could be written on a cocktail napkin with a magic marker. I'll pass. Actually I'll take a stab at some GM colors: - White Diamond Pearl - Sunset Orange Metallic - Daytona Yellow - Tuxedo Black - Ivory White - LeMans Blue - Cortez Silver - Fathom Green - Hugger Orange - Glacier Blue - Frost Green - Garnet Red - Ash Gold - Can-Am White - Monza Red - Riverside Gold - Butternut Yellow - Burnished Brown - Olympic Gold - Silver Birch Metallic - Wedgewood Blue (anyone for a '59 Invicta?) - Rallye Green - Bowling Green - Claret Dark Metallic - Firethorn Red - Light Beige - Cinnabar - Viking Blue (oh, waoit that was Ford) - Magnetic Red - Millenium Yellow - Dark Calypso Green Metallic - Harmony Black - Dark Cherry Metallic - Dark Caribe Metallic - Coral Pink - Anniversary Red Metallic - Sunburst - Eggplant - Victory Red - Blonde - Tampico Red - Surf Green - Artic White - Shale - Glacier Green Metallic - Pearl Fawn Metallic - Silvermist Metallic - Pastel Red - Dark Torreador Metallic - Cappucino Cream - Grotto Blue - Island Teal - Montana Blue Metallic - Vegas Turquoise - Copper Glow Metallic - Argyle Blue - Sierra Spruce Metallic - Pastel Green - Seafrost Green - Sequoia Green - Aztec Bronze Metallic - Persian Sand - Carmine Metallic - Regal Red - Cordovan Maroon - Lemonwood Yellow - Argent Silv - Gotham Gold - Teal Blue - Matador Red - Dark Fawn - Marina Blue Metallic - Azure Aqua - Fathom Blue - Monaco Blue - Beaumont Beige - Ivy Green - Autumn Gold I could keep going.... :P
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Guest YellowJacket894
Answers are:

Pelham Blue
Original Car was 1960 Cadillac's only. No other aliases. A lighter version of Fender's Lake Placid Blue. Tied with Cardinal Red as the most popular custom Gibson color.

Cardinal Red
Original Car was 1959 Oldsmobile. Other aliases include Mandalay Red (59,62 Pontiac), Seminole Red (59 Cadillac), Tampico Red (59-61 Buick), Roman Red (59-62 Chevy), Chariot Red (62 Oldsmobile), Cardinal Red (62 Buick). One of the most popular Gibson custom color. Similar to Fender's Dakota Red. Interestingly, this color was used in 1959 by all GM lines. But in 1960 all lines dropped the color except for Buick and Chevy, which continued it till 1961. Then in 1962 the color was brought back to all GM lines, but the name "Cardinal Red" switched to the Buick name plate.

Ember Red
Original Car was 1958 Edsel. No other aliases. Similar to Fender's Fiesta Red.

Polaris White
Original Car was 1959 Oldsmobile. Other Aliases include Cameo Ivory (59 Pontiac), Arctic White (59 Buick), Snowcrest White (58-59 Chevy). This color was actually first available in 1958 in the Chevy line as "Snowcrest White". The name "Polaris White" was not used until 1959 in the Oldsmobile line. Similar to Fender's Olympic White.

Golden Mist
Original Car was 1959-1960 Oldsmobile. Other aliases include Shoreline Gold (59-60 Pontiac), Pearl Fawn (59-60 Buick), Fawn (60 Cadillac). The exact same color as Fender's Shoreline Gold, just Gibson used the Oldsmobile name "Golden Mist" instead of the Pontiac name "Shoreline Gold".

Silver Mist
Original Car was 1959 Oldsmobile. Other aliases include Silvermist Gray (59 Pontiac), Silver Birch (59 Buick), Silver Metallic (59 Cadillac), Grecian Gray (59 Chevy). Similar to Fender's Inca Silver.

Original Car was 1962 Cadillac. No other aliases. A lighter version of Fender's Burgundy Mist color.

Frost Blue
Original Car was 1959 Oldsmobile. Other aliases include Castle Blue (59 Pontiac), Wedgewood Blue (59 Buick). Similar to Fender's Sonic Blue.

Inverness Green
Original Car was 1959-1960 Cadillac. Other aliases include Jademist Green (59 Pontiac), Glacier Green (59 Buick), Emerald Mist (59 Olds). A very light version of Fender's Sherwood Green.

Kerry Green
Original Car was 1961 Buick. Other aliases include Seafoam Green (61 Chevy), Seacrest Green (61 Pontiac), Alpine Green (61 Olds). Similar to Fender's Surf Green.

Panther, you listed a few, so I'll give this one to ya'. B)
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Guest YellowJacket894
Yup, some colors I didn't know about until just recently. I've known those facts about about Shoreline Gold/Golden Mist, Inca Silver/Silver Mist, and Fiesta Red/Ember Red since I started studying for a project Fender Strat I'm working on. I also plan to paint the Firebird I'm still looking for to match. B)
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