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Did anyone catch the episode of Rides where the HHR gets customized by different teams?

No?... well, here's some info with pics.

HHR by Year One

HHR by Unique Performance

HHR by Darkside

HHR by P Teaser

My favorites: RWD V8 HHR's done by Year One and Unique Performance (I was just thinking that a RWD HHR would kick ass)

Maybe somebody can post some of the pics into this thread, I know how much it sucks to open a thread and get no eye candy. Thanks.

Thanks to HHR Club for posting the info, which I couldn't find anywhere else. Not that I tried that hard.
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Ho-hum, turd polishing on TV... :rolleyes: Didn't care for the HHR up to now, and those customs don't do anything for me either, beyond the engineering appeal of the RWD conversion.
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I realy like year one's HHR (interesting choice of an engine with nice colours) as well as Darkside's. I like the idea of a turbo ecotec as well as the LED back lights. Unique performance has a realy nice hood and a nice V-8 as well but I don't like how they redid the whole dash and an absolute ugly gauge cluster. For every day use I'd go for Darkside. For a shop vehicle to deliver parts and go to performance events I'd like the year one HHR. The very last one is nice and has a good idea with the BBQ and the weed eater motor powered blender.... but the vehicle is un-practicle since it has no backseats and didn't seem to have modified the engine at all because there were no engine shots. I realy like the HHR but I wish it was available in rear wheel drive or all wheel drive with the option of a turbo 2.4L engine. That would be my favourite.
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