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  1. The 3.4L DOHC LQ1 in my GTP is from GM's 60-deg V-6 family, so it's already not known for being especially quiet and smooth. Plus, I installed a billet aluminum "dogbone" front torque strut with polyurethane bushings, so the noise under load and high revs really comes thru the car's structure into the cabin. And I wouldn't have it any other way, it just sounds mean when she downshifts into 1st gear at 30mph. That said, tho, at idle, it's very quite from inside, very smooth idle quality. You can feel a little lopiness, but it's part of the car's character.
  2. Gotta get ya one of these: That's a great color, I've noticed they often look black in the right low light. Did you have a look at the PFYC.com taillight covers I linked for you in your other thread? Lots of other cool stuff there for you. So, how many miles on it now? By way of setting a standard, when I bought my GTP new in July 1995, I put 300 miles on in 3 days, then drove it from Chicago to the Badlands of South Dakota and back. You know, just a little shakedown cruise to seat the piston rings and such. I expect to see some serious mileage on this bad-dog, young man! Enjoy!!
  3. Mach5GTP

    Subaru B9

    Idiots. The Tribeca was a truly unique looker, but they folded and went all mainstream vanilla like everybody else. I've lost a lot of respect for Subaru, just when I had fallen for the Legacy GT sedan. I've loved the Tribeca since it came out, and now it's one of the herd. Good luck finding yours in the Kindercare parking lot...
  4. Custom-S, I am with you all the way on this one! If I could, I would buy one of the last Grand Prix GXPs I could find. White, fully loaded- like my 95 GTP- and I'd drive it every day from March thru November. I'm not a huge fan of the G8, I happen to think the current GP is better looking, esp. the GXP, although I really wish they'd kept the GTP name. I happen to like big FWDers, and they dopn't get much bigger thant the GP GXP. Congrats, good luck, and pics soon please! EDIT!! Do these things the day you pick up the car: 1- go to partsforyourcar.com 2- order the taillight covers fo
  5. Love the Rageous nose, but the G8's sides are far too flat and plain to carry the theme back to the rear. Personally I thought the Rageous would have been great in production- Firebird meets Aztek, what's not to like? (Rhetorical question, no Aztek slams needed.)
  6. I miss the old cab-over Optimus. Wish he had a more traditional red/blue paint scheme, too, instead of the flames. I mean, he's supposed to blend in on Earth, right? That said: gimme. He looks awesome. I would punch my mother and crash a loaded schoolbus if this Optimus Prime told me to. I just got the big 20th-anniv. Prime, and it kicks all form of ass. Can't wait to beg/borrow/steal myway into this new one. Now I wanna see a big, highly-articulated version of the Jazz Solstice I posted about a while back. Mmm-MM!
  7. Soem quick first impressions, if I may. Just when I had told myself to, dammit LIKE this car because it's important to Pontiac, I see that RR 3/4 shot on the home page- there is a LOT of BMW in that greenhouse, as well as those fender vents, I gotta say. Some may say that's good, but I don't think so- it's unoriginal, and Pontiac should be doing things their own way. Couple other things: white lighting on the IP and red everywhere else? What gives, was it cheaper/easier this way? Why not all-red, esp. since its Pontiac's signature lighting style? Ugh. The Pep Boys taillights- it would
  8. GM is a vehicle supplier for the upcoming (7-4-07) live-action "Transformers" movie, and there are already some shots out of a couple of the car/robot toys. See the links below and click on "NEXT" to the upper-right of the pic: Solstice Some kinda GMC truck thing There's also supposed to be a new concept Camaro, but I couldn't find any pics of that one. I'm quite stoked at being able to combine my love of GM w/ my Transformers geekitude! Enjoy!
  9. Screw it, go tagless. My GTP has no designed-in place for a tag, only a crappy dealer-installed bracket that covers most of the left grill, so I just don't use it- never have. In the almost-12 years I've owned the car, I've gotten about 4 tickets for no F tag. A simple Polaroid, a couple hours in court, and case dismissed. To me, it's worth it- the F tag completely spoils the looks. FIGHT THE POWAH!
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1 Sure looks like a Fiero to me, says it's a Go-Bot. Prob. about 1/64th scale or slightly larger. Decent shape, really cool in my book, but I'm a toy-geek. :AH-HA_wink:
  11. Nail on the head. There's nothing new anymore... I happen to like F and R overhangs, too, dammit.
  12. Two that I try to live by: "Remember two things: 1, don't sweat the small stuff. and 2, it's all small stuff." And my favorite: "Nobody has to look for trouble."
  13. I'll def. miss the W's, mine has been very good to me- a quarter-million miles good, next month. I had even gotten to like toe latest GP, too, esp. the GXP (make mine white plz). Interesting to see what's in store. Good or bad, it looks like another FWD Pontiac GXP gets a very brief lifespan. Future collectible? Discuss.
  14. This is my biggest problem w/ this car: it has the "universal rear end" that SOOOOO many new cars have and have had for a couple years now. Look around and you'll notice it: the vaguely-triangular taillights, the trunklid that cuts inward slightly, the bumper that slopes up from its rear face to the taillight panel, with the flat space ahead of the trunklid. If I had the time I would gets pics of all the cars that have this same exact rear-end formula, I'm sure they number in the dozens. My other problem is the "name"- wasn't/isn't G8 a summit of the world's richest countries? WTF? Doesn'
  15. Madre de Dios! See what happens when you get rid of perfectly harmless cladding...? And why in the HELL aren't there any 5- or 6-speed true-manual trannies in any of these GXP cars?!?! Back in 91-93, you could get a 3.4L DOHC Grand Prix GTP w/ a 5-speed manual, but it was dropped for 94 and beyond- this is progress? If it's so performance-oriented, make a decent freakin' manual trans an extra-cost option, I'd pay it. Or do they even HAVE a manual they could use? That's one of the reasons they dropped the GTP's manual, too many warranty-covered failures.

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