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  1. have u noticed a performance improvement with the new exhaust? how much improvement in hp is expected with the Corsa?
  2. i personally had a the same thing to happen to me as a 16year old. i was driving a 1980 chevtte and the floor slipped over the accelerator. as a rookier driver, (with half a brain and some common sense) I popped the console gear $h!er into neutral, the engine revved like hell, then i reached down, grabbed the floor map and pulled it back (took a few seconds to figure out what the problem was). was a little scarry for a minute. I seem to recall when the audi scenario played out, it was indicated that a car's engine system can NOT overpower a car's braking system (in the short term untl the brakes get cooked).
  3. A Swede who is tired of the new direction for Volvo and likes ridiculous letter/number combinations on the back of t their car "TTi.D4"
  4. anyone got any examples of companies that went into ch 11 and emerged victorious and have been massively successful afterwards?
  5. some of you will enjoy reading this assessment on the book as well. http://www.christonium.com/automotive/ItemID=12398018222811
  6. in the 1990's the Aurora, Intrique and Alero were the answer to honda/toyota
  7. fatter pipes delete reverse lights ditch antenna black out around rear lights black wheels, and bigger black stripe on front fender/door window tint delete rear side marker darken the yellow a little bit changed the color of bowtie changed licence plate number removed the mufflers(or at least shaved them down a bit) and there is a Blue Jay sitting in a nest on the third tree from the right!
  8. despite the constant minor repairs, it was a fun car to drive for 2+yrs while I was in University. (moved into a 2-dr 1986 Grand Am - two tone, blue on top, gray on the bottom)
  9. I believe the original zeta plan was cancelled cause GM realized that it could not sell enough of them in NA to justify the expenditure and plant costs. hence, zeta focus for NA shifted to Camaro and the G8 was brought in as an import. the plant capacity for the G8 is a complete red herring, if the plant could make 10x as many as they could, the sales numbers would not change one bit. the fact that the Charger outsells the G8, when they are both large RWD NA built sedans, presumably similarily priced, is pathetic. I'll give credit to the G8. it's a great car, and one I'd conisder were I in the market. but, while the sales are decent in the current economic times, it doesn't hide the fact that the Charger, several years older, outsells it.
  10. to read the preamble and analysis click here. http://www.christonium.com/automotive/ItemID=12363409028356 to get right to the point, just read the following. I continue to believe consolidation is necessary to improve the viability of the industry and that includes the terminations of brands and companies. It is time for governments to coordinate a restructuring of the business model prior to recapitalizing the industry. For example does it really make sense for the US government to aid both GM and Chrysler and end up with three weak companies including Ford or for France to bailout both Renault and PSA? Does the market need both Opel and VW or BMW and Mercedes-Benz? Is there really a demand in the market for 10 Japanese manufacturers competing in the same markets? Is there really that much of a real difference to the consumer between a midsized Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonota, Nissan Altima, Honda Accord, and the seven or eight vehicles offered by the US manufacturers in that segment? For the most part the functionality is identical as far as the consumer is concerned. Competition and free markets of course are valid arguments but not when industry operating margins in a good year are historically 3% to 5%. The entire industry with few exceptions was running on fumes prior to the collapse and in an environment with little room for error. This environment also reduced innovation and risk taking because good intentions could quickly lead to sharp losses. For these reasons the time is now ripe to dynamite and rebuild the global automotive landscape. The automotive industry is a capital intensive business with high opportuinity costs and will become more so as governments demand more environmentally friendly but expensive vehicles and the economics of scales will not be the same in a much smaller global market. I will finish with this. How many commercial aircraft manufacturers are out there?
  11. something to think about http://www.christonium.com/automotive/ItemID=12358563534419 General Motors on Thursday reported their long expected 4th Quarter and 2008 full-year financial results. For the 4th Quarter, the company’s consolidated loss was $9.5 billion for a total of $30.8 billion in 2008. Revenue in the last quarter dropped 34% to $30.8 billion and for the year fell 17% to $179.9 billion (Figure 1)......
  12. Opel-SAAB-Saturn. The world's newest automtovie conglomerate. Maybe Cerberus should pick them up to add to the mess they have with Chrysler. Opel-SAAB-Saturn-Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Fiat and the new COO could be PCS.

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