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GM Canada & Union Avert Strike

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Naturally I am relieved, but I hope GM has sent the proper message to the UAW, which will prove to be the greater challenge when their contract is up. Although a strike would have been painful now, I hope Hargrove was sent the message to tell his buddies in Michigan to not expect kid gloves. I have to have faith the GM knows what they are doing. This is like a chess game: you gotta guess two or three moves ahead what your opponent will do. If not, we are just postponing the pain until 2007.

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This whole thing was about jobs. It had nothing to do with greed.

The union, which secured investments in some Canadian plants, also said it expects about 1,000 fewer workers at GM Canada by 2008, but most should come through attrition.

Talks between the two sides were pushed close to the strike deadline mainly due to job security issues at the automaker's St. Catharines plant. The union said GM Canada backed down from plans to demolish part of a plant in St. Catharines.

and investment

GM Canada is also committed to making investments at plants in Oshawa, Ontario where the Silverado and Sierra pickup trucks are made as well as the plant that makes the Impala and Monte Carlo.

Same deal with the 1996 strike

Unionized workers at GM Canada last went on strike in 1996 for 22 days over the issue of contracting out work.

Geeze !!!!!

Heres a real big raise, how greedy :rolleyes:

wage increases of 45 Canadian cents an hour in the first year, 30 Canadian cents an hour in the second, and 30 Canadian cents an hour in the third.

Wow, thats like a whole 18 dollars a week GROSS, not through the door. Wow, thats like a whole $936 GROSS a year, like wow, where will they ever spend it. Wonder if it will cover this years heating bill increase, propane or natural gas increase with any left over for the gasoline increase. Im sure the insurance companys and schools wont tap into that huge 936 buckarunies any :unsure:

2nd and third year is only $12 GROSS a week, $624 GROSS per year, Wow thats alot of money :blink:

How greedy ! :rolleyes:

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Razor, they were also complaining about a 10-minute reduction in break time. Boo hoo...they can't deal with 35 minute break rather than a 45 minute (what they had and still have)? Plus, that's still $936 x how many thousands of people? That's just for the first year, too, as you pointed out. I smell development money that could go into making better/cooler cars that sell without rebates.

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The break business was about 2 minutes, 10 minute break is common everywhere, what was GM hoping to get out of that extre 6 minutes a day? That was thrown out right away for obvious reasons, hell 10 minute breaks are labor law in NY State. So now you figure workers are not entitled to raises ? Even minimal ones ? Well youve spent so much time breakin, paying bills and the whole life thing so you would know, right ? Maybe GM could get some developement money if they cut raises to the exec's and various other arm chair jobs but they probably only get increases to the tune of $2-4000 per year on up to $1-200,000 ? I mean I dont really know, you tell me ? Wonder how much future developement money was lost to the Fiat fiasco ? Those go dang Union workers !

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