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No go at the auction

Camino LS6

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I've met O.B. before and all I'm going to say is that

despite what you read about him he is NOT in all

actuallity Madeline Albright.

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Um, thanks (?) Fitty-Nine. :AH-HA_wink:

Had a great time today. I am officially a redneck, *ouch*, sunburn. Met up with Camino, great guy. If anyone else was there, sorry we missed you. It would have been nice to meet a few more C&Gers.

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Just got home. It was great to finally meet Mr. Blu, Man did we do a bunch of walking! My neck is talking to me too.

On the way out, I thought I spied a certain black Cutlass. My suspicions were confirmed when I Hope GM Rules Again, yelled over to me. Too bad I didn't get to talk with him or see the Cutlass close up. It looked really nice from about 40' away!

Hard to type with 90 pounds of dog trying to get in your lap, so I'll sign off for now.

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I wanted to get over to the auction block, but I was there with my father and some of his friends and I couldn't get the old men to walk out there. It was a long day, a lot of walking. The weather was perfect and I must have seen about 100 cars I wanted to buy. One of the nicest cars I saw was up on the hill in pavillion B I believe, it was a 1967 GTO. Rotisserie restoration, just a very nice car. The guy wanted $55,000 for it, if I only had the money for it I would have bought it right there. I wanted to get a lot of pics but it didn't really work out that way as most people just walked in front of me or stood in my way. I think I got about three different vehicles before I gave up and put the camera away. I am going to try to make it to the show in October anyone else going?

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Mr. Trees: oh man, sorry to have missed you, sir. As your pictures attest, there were so many really nice C10s there, and their prices were HIGH. The Buick GSXs were looking good, too, and looking in the background of one of your pictures, that outrageous, lifted, orange and black Chevy truck with the diamondplate flatbed... pure evil.

And Camino, dammit, bad timing on my part. I must have just peeled off when you met GM Rules and got to see his sweet black Cutlass. So, did you call that guy with the '77 El Camino? *good hood*good hood* :AH-HA_wink:

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I think too many people are influenced by watching th Barrett-Jackson auction on TV. A lot of people had really high prices on thier cars and they really weren't worth that much.

I saw a white 1952 Chevy Cameo pickup, the guy wanted $41,000 for it. I took a close up look at it, the paint job was bad. There was a lot of bubbling, flaking, orange peel. The body work wasn't so hot either. It had a few dents and dings some rust spots, some of the lines weren't really even. I think the worst part was you could see the weld beads showing through. In my opinion it was not worth the asking price.

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