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Going to the bodyshop


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Well I'm going with my dad on thursday to our local bodyshop(my dad has used them before) to talk to the guy about repairing the body and the paintjob. Do you guys have any idea of what it might cost...maybe a ballpark range?

Heres the damage...

The first one's been enhanced to show the damage on the rear panel.


Here's an unenhanced one.


Heres the front end damage


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I agree Raven... asking to get an estimate on your car without having

it present is pretty much like asking to pick out a counterfit $100 bill

from 3 miles away using a pair og binoculars. You could take a dozen

photos of each body panel including inside the trunk, inner wheel well

& inside the trunk and the body man will still tell you he needs to SEE

the car in person.

Either way it will be worth the money you invest, that's one gorgeous

hardtop right there. :wub:

Still I think you may find it will be cheaper to get a rear skin or 1/4

panel instead of repairing your damaged one.

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I know the car has to be present but it's just so hard to get the car around...its not registered/licensed/insured, so even if I wanted to take the car to the shop, it would be highly risky. Plus, centain things(breaklight,tails) dont work so If I brought the car it would have to be some place very local.

And about finding a replacement skin...never gonna happen...GM was fond of slightly changing this car every model year so the body lines wouldn't match and finding a 66 is extremely hard.

I've emailed my cousin who has a friend whos job is finding classics , restoring them, and selling them so that could greatly benifet me. Even my cousin looks fors cars for the guy and he gets a slice of the profit for finding the cars.

Also my godfather who gave me the car is asking around...The more connections I can get, the better deal I can hammer out.

Thanks for your imput guys!

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