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Was Chevy Blazer, NOW '95 GMC Yukon 2-door


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Same as below, but now my student is looking at used '92-'97 2-door Yukons (and probably Blazers/Tahoes). We found a '95 Yukon SLE 4wd online that he's intetrested in - white w/ blue cloth interior, 107k, used car dealer is asking just shy of $7k. These were my favorites, so I'm gonna be sad if and when he gets it (why? Because I'm not the one buying it! :P ). Any suggestions on what he should look for when he goes to inspect it? I know '96 & '97s used the Vortec V8 engines... any real advantage over the earlier '92-'95 non-Vortec engines? Also the '92-'95s used the floor shifter to engage the 4wd system, whereas the '96 & '97s could have the optional push-button 4wd system. Any problems with either? TIA! :cheers:

DeBeatSS, Delta Force79, caddycruiser, among others, have come to call when people have asked what to look for when atempting to buy a particular used vehicle. I have a student looking for a 1989-1991 Chevy K1500 Blazer (full-size) and asked me if I could tell him what to look for when he goes to see one in person. I'm turning here to see if anyone can put some stuff in writing on what to look out for, particular areas to check out, and if one year is better than another. I also told him to consider the '89-'91 GMC V1500 Jimmy too, as they are essentially the same truck. Years ago, when I drooled over a '90 Jimmy, I thought I read somewhere that '90 and/or '91 models were better than the '89, but I can't recall for what reason. Also, did these trucks have manual or automatic locking hubs? Thanks in advance to whomever comes to my rescue here! :cheers:

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I've never actually owned one, but from experiences I have had with them...make sure he checks the rear glass for leaks as the stripping may become worn. The rear quarters and tailgates tend to rust on these trucks depending on location. The interior is quite simple and durable. I would suggest a test of the 4X4 system (obviously) but also the transmission. I'm not sure if the 3 speed turbo-Hydramatic was still used at this point or if GM switched over to 4 speeds. I wasn't sure about the locking hubs, but luckily Camino answered that one. I know Sixty8 had one for a brief time, I'm sure he can give you some advice.

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With gas prices where they are - stay AWAY from the 95. The best we ever saw with our 95 was 13 mpg. Our 98 was always giving us 17-19 mpg - the vortec is that much better than the TBI.

Other things to look for: Rust . Intake seals...the engines in these trucks snack on intake seals every 30-45k in my experience. The Vortecs were better.

The drive shafts! They are prone to clunking on load up or when stopping...this will mean that they are dry and need greased. If they clunk when stopping or right when you accelerate, the drive shaft needs serviced. If you live in a cold climate - make sure the recall on the door panel bumper/light switch tripper has been performed. Basically a thicker button is installed on the door panel on the drivers door. This is due to the doors shrinking in cold weather and causing the interior lights to come on. The first cold overnight will result in a dead battery. If it has any where near 110k on the clock, change the fuel pump in the tank pretty quickly to keep it from failing...they go around this point. The last point is the 4x4 system, have him run it through all modes. Most of these become pavement pounders and never actuate the 4wd system. The actuators get stuck and they are pricy to repair.

Other than those minor things they are bullet proof. I loved all of the ones we have owned and they never left one of us stranded. Ever. They are the most versatile trucks out there.

I hope that I helped!

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