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If Only I had The Money....

Delta Force79

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I own a Toronado, and I can tell you several things:

1. They made more Trofeos than they did regular Toronados.

2. That VIC was not standard on Trofeo

3. That car is in great shape.

4. That has the 3.8 liter V6 rated at 165 hp. It is OBD I.

Because I know how hard Toronados are to come by, I strongly suggest considering the purchase. It was harder for me to find mine because of the options mine has. They were quite rare.

To find one in that shape and more is rare. Check the brake lines and fuel lines.... Check the struts in the rear too.

The steering wheel controls came in 1991.

The only thing that has a high failure rate is that instrumentation panel. You see them on Ebay all the time. There are a lot of people who repair them. I know because my first Toronado had that cluster. It was not supposed to have it. It did not work. I switched it out for the digital. The digital is what my 1992 came with. They used that same digital cluster since 1986. All the Trofeos had that analog cluster too. That interior is graphite and it is not black. That is the same colored interior as my car.

Go here to see mine to see the same colors and more..


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I had an '89 for a while; they're pretty neat cars with some unique features, but I dunno that I'd pay anything close to what the bidding's up to for one. Why not just take the amount the auction ends at and spend it on a nice presentable driver '66?

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$29K in 1990??? Insane.

I'm pretty sure I would have bought a 1989 Turbo Trans Am or a GMC Typhoon instead.

XP is right, too much $$$... his reserve is probably enough to buy a pre-war Olds.

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