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    someone offered to trade their car for my mustang

    All I can say is if you do go for the 325i make sure you have plenty of cash reserves for maintenance and repairs. I bought mine with 59K on it a little over a year ago, it now has 80K and in that time frame it has had over 8.5K in warranty repairs performed. I think I have had nearly every common failure and then some.

    Shopping for a used car

    Not the most reliable from my experience. Last January I bought an 03 325i with 59K on the clock (similar mileage to the one you posted) Since then it has had over 7.5k in extended warrenty repairs, which is quite alarming. It seems that right about out of the factory warrenty period everyting requires attention, in my case especially the suspension. Unless you can afford the high maintenance/repair costs or have an extended warrenty I would be cautious buying a used 7 year old BMW.

    Extended Warranty/Auto Services

    For a great majority of cars I would say no to extended warranties. I went against my general opinion for some reason when buying my 03 325i. I was uneasy with the thought of having no warranty coverage on a Germancar especially after spending thousands of dollars on repairs for my relatively easy to work on 2001 Grand Prix. Also knowing how expensive BMW's are to repair I felt the need for some sort of coverage. I purchased the BMW with just shy of 60K at a Lincoln-Mercury dealership and decided upon getting the Premium Ford ESP (Extended Service Plan) good for 4 years/48K miles for used cars. Under this plan essentially everything is covered. I felt like this was about the mileage where things are going to start going wrong and the age also concerned me. The car has to be serviced at a BMW dealership and I only have to pay a $100 deductible per visit no matter how many repairs made. Total cost was an extra $2760. This was 9 months ago and since then have put a little over 11K miles on the car. First use of the warranty was around 65K when the sunroof closed sideways and jammed costing $1600 to repair. Just last week another $2125 for two window regulators, a control arm, bushings, and electrical wiring repair in the tail lights. Rental car is also paid for through the warranty. So far $3725 in work done - $200 in deductibles - $2760 purchase price = $765 ahead and only after 11K miles. Granted this is a pretty rare case, a great majority of owner do not ever come out ahead even at the end of the warranty period. I'm not too familiar with B-bodies but I imagine they are quite a bit cheaper to repair than a German car and it sounds like yours was well maintained hence not as much need for an extended plan.

    Cutbacks and your car....

    No change. Basically all repairs are covered under extended warranty until 107K anyways. Basic maintenance (oil changes, brakes, etc.) and the like are still all done at the dealership. The service I get there is hard to match so no reason for me to go elsewhere or attempt to do it myself when I don't have to time or desire.

    Idea's... for my next car and its a poll... UPDATE 2

    My first car in high school was a red 2001 Grand Prix GT Special Edition, a total pile. Sure it looked great but ended up costing thousands in repairs over the course of two and a half years. Catalytic converter, bearings, tie rods, struts, fuel pressure regulator, power steering pump, rack and pinion steering replaced, electrical shorts all over the place, would overheat with the AC on in the summer which the dealer could never fix. Oh yeah and those great multi-spoke chrome rims, well they started leaking like mad last spring. The ABS was going off like crazy and the light was on on the dash so naturally the dealer thought it was a faulty sensor on the wheel bearing. It was replaced (for the second time) and things were fine for about a month before the same problem returned. They replaced the bearing again (3rd time) and things were still not fine so finally they figured out that it was because the rim leaked (due to corrosion) so I had it resealed. The problem mostly went away but the day before I traded it in the ABS light kicked back on so who knows. This gen of Grand Prix is getting old and they are at the point where they are going to nickel and dime you to death. I recommend something newer

    Rage, Hate, and the Need To Vent

    These are a piece of cake to replace the bulb in, I had to do it in my old Grand Prix which Im sure had to same late 90's Pontiac stock radio. There is actually a part number for the bulb, its around $13 bucks or something otherwise you can just pluck one out from a junked radio.

    who hear works out and how much

    I try to get to the gym 6 times a week, weight lifting 4-5 times a week and cardio 6 days (Saturday off from both). Typically spend around 45 minutes doing weights, 30-45 minutes of cardio, and about 30 minutes bs'ing with people. The best time for me to work out is in the afternoon, right after I get done with classes and lunch otherwise it just gets too busy. Of course working at Gold's Gym makes it easier to get motivated to work out.

    If GM ceases to exist, what will your next vehicle be?

    I new or new(er) BWM 3 or 6 series coupe.

    Someone sent me a spy pic and said it was your birthday CD

    Happy Birthday!

    The truth about the 2004-2006 GTO

    I can totally relate. I used to be a huge fan of GM, after Olds demise and the bleak future of Pontiac and GM in general it's been extremely hard to maintain any sort of interest in the General any more. I don't even drive a GM anymore and in the last month or so sold off most of my GM memorbilia with the exception of a few Olds items, I've just lost interest and other brands are more appealing.

    Pissed at Ebay?

    Since the change to no negative feedback for buyers I have never had so many deadbeat bidders. I find myself selling less and less on ebay and turning to alternative methods.

    2010 Buick LaCrosse

    X3 I give it an "eh". Like others have said it just looks like a bunch of cars meshed together. The rear end is pretty generic and could pass for an RL at quick glance or Lexus. The front headlights remind of the 5 Series, the grille is enormous looking. I am impressed with the interior though, a nice variety of colors and textures as well as neat lighting. I still could never see myself owning a Buick.


    Christmas Vacation


    I have heard quite a few horror stories about 2nd gen Aurora's; it's a shame since they are such nice looking cars. There was a customer at work who bought one new back in 01 who recently traded it in on a brand new Camry. I asked why he traded it in and his reply was "the worst car I have ever owned, nickel and dimed me to death."

    L'happy L'anniversaire ENZORA and RED01GPGT

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, nice to finally be 21. Dad got me a pretty cool gift, a 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT with only 17K miles on it. The Grand Prix will still remain the daily driver.

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