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Hybrid Camaro??

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Let me be the first to offer my balls on the table to the discussion and say that I am all for it - as an option. Chevrolet has a chance to change the Camaro's image with this fresh start - why not a dual mode hybrid that can compete like a supercar if we want it to? Or better yet - how about a Camaro with the VOLT package for those of us who would love the looks of the Camaro with the drivetrain that is just perfect for the day to day use that we all do? Some of us don't need a ZL-1 to get to work. It would be fun...but not for all of us.

Now that I said all that, an LS3 or better motor is still capable of decent mileage and high horsepower..,my Vette does 35 pluson the highway and high 20's in town...a Camaro will be a bit heavier, but it should be close to those figures, so how much better is the car going to do as a hybrid?

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FU*K that.

Gimmie a Duramax Diesel Camaro.

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How can you argue with 660 ft/lbs. of torque!?!?

Traction CTRL ----> OFF :smilewide:

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A hybrid would be a very deft move right now. I would almost be sure GM has this idea already.

Hybrd is not a bad word but in most cases it is a small boring underpowered car. This technology applied to a performance car that get improved mileage and image would be a boon.

Japan is already working on performance Hybrids and here is a chance for GM to be at the start of the curve vs playing catch up.

Volt technology is only the start and much of what is learned can and will be shared in other cars.

As for Diesels.. other than enthusiast and Diesel diehards the general public is not as a whole that excited about them and never have. You can blaime old stereo types of the Olds mess or the fact many in cold climates don't care for the extra work needed etc.

I loved what I saw with the Audi 10 cylinder American Lemans racers but few people even know anything about them and in the States they would still be a hard sell.

Hybrids on the other hand are like MP3 and had caught the publics interest as new technoloy at least to them.

Now if you get the price of diesel under the price of gas some may start to pay attention to the improved diesels. But till them too many in the general public think they are just smokey noisey pick up truck engines.

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