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Down to one car until today

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So Thursday I came home from class...uneventful. A few hours later i needed to go run some errands...so I went to my car and got ready to leave. Turned the key and...nothing. The lights flickered and that was it. A "wtf" had occurred. So I went and got the Shadow to jump it. Started right up, but as soon as I took the jumpers off the car stalled. I was like "well, $h!"

Now, the Prizm is still out of action,so the only car left is the Shadow. It's too late in the day to take it to the mechanic so the Intrepid had to sit in front of the house, dead. All I can say is that I'm lucky it decided to quit in front of the house and not say, at school. Friday I took the Shadow to school, which was fine because I had planned to anyway to pick up the Prizm's bumper cover. When I got home we had the Intrepid towed to the mechanic. They weren't able to look at it Friday so they started looking at it Saturday. Unfortunately they ran out of time and had to postpone it until today.

Now, here's the thing. I thought it was the alternator. So did Sixty, XP, and the mechanic. But to be sure they looked the car over. Turns out it was a wire that connected the alternator to the battery that needed to be replaced. Of course, being a modern car and all, the alternator is hidden under a bunch of other crap that requires an hour of work to get to. Two hours total and $152 bill. We were able to pick it up this morning after dropping off the Prizm to finally be worked on.

Here's the funny thing though...well 2 things. They told me my battery was dead. I told them mine was under AAA warranty, so they put on in the car and said to just bring it back later. We get home, I call AAA and after 2 hours they finally show up. The gentleman who shows up happens to be the same one who replaced the original battery...he remembers this car....hates battery placement (along with the Lumina's). He was very nice, nonetheless. He tested the battery and the systems and found the battery was still good as new...he even showed me the test results. He figured maybe some of the junk one one of the terminals caused them to read it as dead but it's still odd. He cleaned it up and put it all back together (took an hour) and was on his way.

Now the other surprising thing is that I can't hear that knocking sound now...like it went away...not that I'm complaining. Gone too, is that squeaky sound I started to hear from the front end while driving. I'm thrilled with this but wonder what they did? :scratchchin:

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Probably something came unhooked off of it's tether was making the noise, but it got re-hung when they checked the car.

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