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Help me set up my garage

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Finally owning a house, it's time to set up the garage like I want.


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So, 2-car garage, extra deep on one side. Door on the right goes to the back yard, door on the left goes inside. I know I want to:

-add insulation

-generous amounts of pegboard

-mount bench grinder & vice someplace

-probably more lighting (though it is brighter than the pics make it seem)

-rack for extra set of wheels (autox)

-big air compressor

-sink (pre-plumbed beside door in front of white car)

-table or miter saw

I'm expecting to decide to rebuild the work bench somewhat. It's very sturdy, but underneath is almost useless - no shelves or anything, just a board to make it hard to even put something big underneath.

Uses for the garage:

-parking for the wife (white car)

-other half is for my car, or the suburban, whichever I want to park in it (probably usually the gold saturn, with the suburban sitting out on the curb)

-car repair and project car tinkering

-general tinkering

-place to put yard work stuff until I can get something out back to store all that crap in

So, any thoughts on things I should consider/be sure to include as I plan this out? :)

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Oh good, now I have a new place to crash whenever I'm in Blackfoot, Idaho! :AH-HA_wink:

I wouldn't make ya sleep in the garage, there's a nice guest room with a queen bed. :) You never know if someday GM may want to do some materials testing or work on alternative energy projects with INL. :AH-HA_wink:

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I am in the same boat right now. Getting my garage organized. Once my shed is fully built then I can get the lawn equiptment out of the garage and get the cars out of storage. I will insulate it, drywall it, I would like a furnace but I have to see how Moms funds work out. I have a 3 car 22 by 33 feet. 2 of the 3 stalls though are 24 feet deep. Good spot for the 1981 and 1985. I am also going to install cabinets and have a few shelves. I have 2 workbenches and a shop light will go above each one. My house too only included 2 outlets in the garage but a friend of mine ran another circuit and now I have plenty of outlets. My dad would have did all this had he been here and he was looking forward to it. Now it is up to me to get it done the way he would have wanted. One thing in my favor. I have nearly every tool for every job.

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1. Paint the floor / seal the floor or get outdoor carpeting. This will prevent any oil accidents from screwing up the ground. It also makes it look MUCH nicer

2. Paint the walls BEFORE you put things together. This will help your posters of "cars" stand out.

3. Buy totes for house & wife stuff. Ones you can put on shelves. This give you more ground room.

4. Spend the money on sturdy / tall shelves. No need to take up valuable car space with house stuff.

5. Use a tennis ball tied to a string as a stopping notification for when your wife puts her car in the garage. Nothing like having her car scratched up, or your garage screwed up because she didn't know were to stop.

6. If you put metal sided cars in the garage, make sure the drivers door opens until the first notch on each car. This will preven garage door dings. If the door or car is too big then only put one car in the garage. Nothing like having screwed up side panels because your wife was in a hurry.

7. Put tape down to determe were the car should be in the garage. My garage has lineup tape that fit both our Suburban (used to have) and the HHR.

8. Have all tools in a lockable cabinet. Kids, even if they are not yours, have a habit of getting tools and never returning them. They like the new bright shiny ones the best.


1. Paint the walls dark colors. This makes it hard to do projects in the garage because all of the color takes out the valuable light.

2. Allow your wife to be the final say on how you design your garage. This isn't home decorating 101. This is a garage. YOUR ROOM! Possibly the only room you will have final say on.

3. Allow your children access into your garage with your cars in it. Atleast make sure their bikes are not on the side of the garage that your car is.

4. Use floor stops for determining where your car will park. Your wife and kids WILL move them.

5. Allow any family member but you to put the cars away the first couple of times (assuming 2 cars in the garage). You want to make sure they fit PRIOR to someone screwing a car up.

6. Open the garage door and walk away when the neighbor kids are out playing. They WILL enter your garage, use your tools, etc.

7. Allow your family to put just anything in the garage. Without some moderation of what is put in it, you may eventually loose it to junk.

I'm sure I have more, but this is atleast a start.

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I will most likely seal the floor in the future(Though I think thr builder may have did this). I have heard paint (At least here in the salty north) isnt a good idea since it more than likely will peel. My mom is good about staying out of the garage affairs and how I have it set up. She has did pretty well with the car since hers is a Cheverolet Aveo one of the smallest cars made. I want as little on the floor as possible with the exception of a few of the heavy duty shelves my dad had in the old one.

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