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Brakes / Shocks / Etc.

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I've got just shy of 90,000 km on the Cobalt now.

It's time to take it in and get the winter tires on it. Aside from the oil (obviously), and the wiper blades, everything is factory. The brakes have not hit the screech strip yet. The tires even still have tread a few millimeters above the wear bars.

So I'm wondering - should I just go ahead and replace my brake pads? Should I get any other brake service done at the same time? Should I look into replacing the shocks?

Also, is a few millimeters of tread above the wear bar worth the time and money of saving the tires and putting them back on the rims next year, or should I just chuck them and buy new summer tires next spring?

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I don't know if you have a Meineke up your way, but they do free brake inspections down here. I took the CTS in because it was near 40,000 miles and thought it was time for brakes. They told me I had ceramic pads and they were a 10 out of 11 on their life. <shrug>

Shocks should easily last 100,000 miles.

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Alot depends on stuff...Balts tend to be interesting cars...

First question-lease or buy?

Does it do more city driving or highway?

Do you use different brands of gas?

Just need a few more details to give you an idea....

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Today they:

- Changed the oil

- Did a fuel injector cleaning

- Cleaned and machined the rear drums

- Existing snow tires onto rims and then onto car

- Alignment

Didn't need new front pads, can't believe it.

It's a purchase.

Waaaay more highway driving than city - last time I checked the average speed it was 72 km/h, which of course includes a lot of Toronto traffic jams.

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Most of the time, you'll replace brake pads every 50-100 miles, shocks/struts in the same time frame. Again, that's average life for them sometimes you'll get more, sometimes you'll get less. The downside with vehicles with strut suspensions, you can't really easily tell when they're wearing out as easily unless the vehicle just completely wallows down the road. I know I'm going to do all four struts in the Impala probably this summer, and the car currently has 145,000mi on the odometer. I've done the front pads twice, rear pads once. None of the times did the brake really NEED to be replaced, but I'd rather do things well BEFORE they need to be done. Kinda like GM saying that you don't need to change the oil until the "change oil light" comes on. I NEVER wait for that, I always do mine every 3,000-4,500miles without question.

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