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File This Under "Disconcerting"

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From one of my other forums:

My friend with a 2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax was egging my other friend on (2007 Tundra 5.7L Crewmax Limited 4x4 w/ Towing Pkg) about a tug-of-war.

They chained them up to each other today on solid pavement to see who would win. My chevy-humping friend was shooting his mouth off since he thought his sister's truck would own all...

At the end of the match, guess which truck left on a tow truck with two broken tie-rod ends and with the front wheels facing each other...

If you guessed the 3/4 Ton 2500HD Diesel, you are right!!!

The Tundra was in 2wd for the first part of the pull and dragged him, but he heard clicking and turned to 4HI (he didn't know how to get to 4lo, i showed him tonight), and drug the gmc over 75 feet. The GMC never let off the brakes (we don't know why he didn't), and was dragging the locked up front wheels until the truck slid when the driver's side TRE snapped, and then the passenger's side snapped...

It was videotaped but the imbecile who tried to watch it ended up deleting the video. We do have a picture of it, the Sierra head-on with it's bowed legs, but it's on his sister's camera.

The cover story is that he took it in to get it aligned today... His sister is not to know anything, but they used her camera to film it rolleyes.gif If we can get the video off the camera we'll post it, if not, we'll post the one picture they took.

So much for IFS in a 3/4 ton...

No, just that all 3/4 ton domestics are not infallible. And it was damn funny and I had to share.


I told him to have his friend inspect the truck's frame.

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The Saga continues...

His frame was fine, better than the pos IFS chevy thinks is acceptable in a 3/4 ton.

Just because it's a GM doesn't make it great. Just like being a Toyota doesn't make it great. It's what they CAN do that makes them great, and what breaks that makes them lame.

I'm surprised you know what a frame even is though... I thought you were the guy who likes "SUVs" with unibodys and independent front and rear suspensions...aka not real SUVs, but cars.

I replied with three youtubes of Tundra = Suck. and this comment...

You're absolutely right. Here's what makes the Tundra lame compared to the Titan, GM, the Ram, and the F150. I mean c'mon, no tow hooks on the outbound... what good does that do... Winner of a Tug of War or not this along with the lack of a fully boxed frame makes the Tundra a lousy work truck and a flaming pile of suck. Watch for yourself, this covers frame flex, bed bounce, lack of stability and lack of practicality relative to the F150

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Yet another reply (To My videos illustrating uselessness, frame flex, and bed bounce)

Those are all good points which will hopefully will be addressed in the future. However, it isn't too bad of a truck considering Ford and GM have been doing this for decades... This is the first 1/2 ton Toyota has made. I'm satisfied right now by the fact that every F-150 with a test pipe installed and loud-as-hell exhaust has been smoked by a crap-jap.

That said, the tow hooks have always bothered me. I never could understand why they went with a c-channel frame, but hopefully soon the improved frame under the LX570 will make it back to the Tundra and not get 3+ inches of frame flex.

Bed bounce is what I don't understand. How big of a deal is it really? I haven't seen anything where that would matter very much, even though the Tundra did awful on that test.

I do find it interesting that all the videos were made by Ford though... I have to wonder what bearing that would have on the accuracy of some of the tests. All manufacturers do it, don't deny that.

Someone's been into the KoolAid.jpg methinks.

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Thats the dumbest thing I ever heard of. Whoop-de-do. The Toyota won at something thats not important. Lets load the bed with a few thousands of pounds and see who does better. Or try towing about 10,000 pounds. Then we will wee who is the king.

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There are quite a few "tug of war" videos on YouTube, and if you study them closely, you can see the secret to winning one of these "competitions". They are rigged. The "winner" doesn't start pulling until the "loser" has started spinning his tires. Spinning the tires causes a loss of traction, allowing the "winner" to walk away with the "loser's" truck.

We all cheered when the 900 Silverado first came out and the demonstration "road show" included a tug of war contest with the Silvy winning against the Ford and Dodge. But when I saw a Toyota-sponsored Tundra pull an F-150 and a Ram backwards in the same set-up "contest", I started to look closer at each truck as the tow strap tightened... it seems every time, the "winner" holds his brakes for a second, lets the "loser" start to spin, losing traction, then the "winner" can walk away with the "loser" in tow.

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Driver error plain and simple.

I would never do that to my Duramax, but I'm certain what the outcome would be if I did.

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