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Yet Another Interesting Article about RWD and Buick

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"General Motors may build a Buick luxury car that is sized and priced below the LaCrosse.

Executives are rethinking GM's U.S. product plans in light of new federal regulations requiring an average fuel economy of 35 mpg by 2020, company insiders say. The small Buick could be one outcome.

The vehicle would be based on the Buick Excelle sedan that debuts in China by early next year.

"I definitely think there might be a market for a luxury-crafted smaller car for Buick," says a senior GM source.

GM would have to resolve where in North America to build the car. Also, executives are considering how to position it against other GM brands with compact sedans.

The Toyota Corolla-sized Excelle is based on GM's new global rear-drive architecture, called Alpha, being developed in Germany.

Sources say GM's product plans are affected in other ways by the new fuel economy rules:

-- Pontiac now plans to sell 30,000 units of the 2009 G8 sedan, which debuts this spring. But fuel economy standards mean the car might not be a permanent part of Pontiac's lineup.

-- GMC will get a small SUV at the same time Chevrolet will get a redesigned Equinox in 2010.

-- Hummer probably will get a vehicle smaller than the current H3 — likely to be called H4. The small HX concept that debuted at the Detroit auto show in January previewed the vehicle.

-- Saab plans to unveil a small 9-X concept car next week at the Geneva auto show. Automotive News Europe sources have called the production version of the car the 9-1. GM likely will produce that vehicle after 2010."

Very interesting - So, if this is true, the G8 could actually become one of the more rare GM models ever put out in the United States.

If Pontiac or Buick had a rear drive BMW 1-Series or 3-Series sized car with say, a 320 hp version of the 4.8L OHV V8 or the 306 HP DI V6, then that may be just as cool the Zeta based G8. I guess. I love the idea of a super sporty RWD car that's only 3300 lbs. or so (like my old Camaro), it would certainly be interesting to drive, especially with a Sigma style architecture. But having a large fast car seems more "GM like" to me (there's the old sentimental GM fan in me). Hard for me to get my head around this.

That really blows about the potential fate of the big Zetas at the end of the day. Man, I was really looking forward to being able to actually have what is essentially a Caddy STS/Infiniti M45/ BMW 545 brand new with a $20,000 discount. GM really has a winner on their hands with this G8- and now, thanks to a Government that loves to meddle in our affairs every time we turn around...us big car/ rear drive go fast car guys are screwed. :huh:

So, what's next, is the Camaro going to go on the chopping block too? I'm guessing that the Camaro is probably "off limits" per Master Bob himself - GM can't afford to mess that one up and only run it for 1 year - you'd have a riot of 60s muscle car fans 2 miles long with torches standing outside of GM headquarters asking for Rick Wagoner's head on a stick. :lol2: (A new thought - maybe an Alpha based Camaro after the Zeta based Camaro is killed - with the same amount of horsepower...hmmmm....you'd get better gas mileage - physics doesn't lie)

This begs the question; will Zeta live on in the form of the GMC Denali XT and more importantly for the reputation of Caddy - a real honest to God car that could hold it's own against the LS460 and the S Class/7 Series?

Are they a foot, or on horseback? Do they know?

Does obsessing over this make me insane? :lol:

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This is the third time someone has posted this article here. Also, if this small Buick is produced, its primary engine will probably be the 1.4L turbo 4 cylinder that the Cobalt is supposed to get. GM needs to add a lot of new cars that get 35 mpg or better. As PCS said, those wanting high powered V8's better get them in the next few years before they're gone.

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glad the Torrent will be gone. That vehicle works better in the GMC lineup then it does in the Pontiac lineup IMO

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