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  1. Okay, maybe offer the 6.2L LS3 motor as an option below the SS too.
  2. I like these changes to the Impala actually. This car needs a more modern drive train for sure. I see TONS of 2006 + Impalas on the road and as far as nondescript 4 doors go, it's a pretty good looking car. I drove one as a rental once too - and it struck me as they type of car I would be in the market for with about 10,000 miles on it because I could probably get a screaming deal on one. (If I was in the market for just basic point A to point B family hauler) But this nameplate deserves to be on a much higher profile, very well executed rear drive sedan. My 68 Impala had some real charac
  3. We're in Houston so it really isn't very cold here, but we've had some unusually cold weather the last couple of weeks sprinkled in with a couple of nicer, warmer days, which gives us a flavor for how the car behaves based on the outside temp. That being said, 0ne thing that both my wife and I have noticed, is that when it's cold outside (in the 30s or lower) the car takes a while to start running what I would consider normal. It seems kind of sluggish and not overly responsive on real cold mornings. But after a few minutes, it runs great. This is my first adventure with a turbo car (bel
  4. Very nice. Like the new VW's a lot. Our 2011 GTI is sweet.
  5. Thanks for all the good comments! We both really like it. She drives it mainly, but on the weekends I've been driving it a lot when we both go somewhere. Lots of fun - and to my pleasant surprise she actually wanted the manual - so even better. As a side note, I'm getting excited about the 255 HP Buick GS (with a manual)...I could picture that sitting along side the GTI in a year or so.
  6. I haven't posted on here in a long time, but thought I'd post a picture of our new 2011 VW GTI. My wife traded in her G35 earlier this month. She wanted something "fun and zippy" - of course the first thing out of my mouth was "GTI!". We test drove a 2011 Mazda Speed 3 but ultimately ended up with the VW. Also in the background is my 68 Impala (which I hate to say I really haven't been keeping up with) and the trusty 08 Vue.
  7. This is weird, the round plastic trim piece that goes around the knob that adjusts the lumbar support for my seat came off my seat. One of the clips that holds it onto the seat actually snapped, and the two remaining clips won't hold it so now when I sit down, it just pops off (along with the knob). So I just took it off and have the knob on there without the trim piece. I don't think I'm going to buy the trim piece as the knob works and stays attached to the seat just fine w/out it. It doesn't bother me too much, but it definitely makes me wonder if I should be defending GM as adamant
  8. Yeah, it's not anything in the door pockets because I thought the same thing and took everything out of them. I did clear out a lot of the stuff in the glove box too that would cause it and it still does it. It sounds like a loose screw or maybe the glove box door itself. I can live with it, but it's just ever so slightly annoying when I catch it (usually if my radio is off)
  9. I actually haven't been on here in a VERY long time. I hope everyone is doing well. Well, my 08 Vue is two years old and has about 36000 miles on it now and for a while I've been hearing this slightly annoying rattle coming from the passenger side of the dash. It sounds like its on the inside, but I'm not sure. I can only hear it with the radio off and going over bumpy or worn out streets or gravel like pavement. When the surface is smooth, the rattle instantly stops. I almost want to say it's the glove box or even the front seat, but I don't think it's either one of those, because if I
  10. Yeah, I sort of get what you're saying. It's almost a little too nice for it's intended audience (younger people who buy BMW 3 Series). I also kind of think of the current CTS as sort of this weird, somewhat expensive misfit in the world of luxury cars. It isn't a true G35, IS350 or 3 Series competitor because of it's weight, but it also really isn't cross shopped by those in the market for a 5 Series, Infiniti M or Lexus GS either because it isn't quite that size (that's a complete assumption, but I'll bet I'm right). I hate to say it, but as much as I really like the car, I can sort of
  11. Oh ,and to add to my post above - I think the CTS may simply just be a little too expensive. Just a thought. I'll bet the sales of the CTS would pick up a bit if they lowered the price around $5k or so.
  12. Yeah, the CTS sales have been disappointing lately. And I like that car a lot - I'd hate to see GM turn that into a FWD car in the future, which I can certainly see those bozos doing. But keep in mind it still sold right in line with the Infiniti G and outsold the Lexus IS - which is essentially it's core competition.
  13. I have a slightly annoying rattle in my 08 Saturn Vue XR. It sounds like it may be coming from the glove box or perhaps the center stack - maybe from the plastic around the gear shift??? It's real tough for me to pinpoint. I can only hear it at somewhat low speeds over rough concrete. I thought it something in my glove box, but after removing almost everything from it, the noise is still there. The radio masks it fine, but it sort of sucks. Any ideas? Overall I think this car is pretty solidly made, it almost seems like an out of character noise to hear when I'm driving it.
  14. Is it odd that I actually went onto Google Maps and found that exact location?
  15. I think you're right, it's going to be expensive. I wonder if this Zeta Ute would do well as a GMC model? I'm thinking with styling similar to the new Terrain (and Sierra for that matter) - kind of boxy and aggressive looking.
  16. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't buy a Toyota truck unless they were discounting the price 50% - and even then I still would have trouble doing it. But I was just kind of curious about why there has been a pretty significant drop in the NA content of the Big 3 trucks in the last couple of years. I understand that GM/Ford/Chrysler still contribute more to the US economy than the Big Japanese companies, but it still kind of sucks that they aren't using as many N/A parts as they used to in their trucks. Also, I was kind of curious about which plant my 2008 Vue's engine/transmission was built in (
  17. Hey everyone Haven't posted on this site in a while. I just saw a commercial during the Saints/Cardinals game for the Tundra and they were bragging about how it has the most North American content of any fulls size truck out there (80%). So naturally it spiked my curiosity about what the actual domestic / foreign content of certain vehicles actually was (you can check it out on the NHTSA site). What's interesting is the current generation Silverado/Sierra started off higher in terms of domestic content a few years back (90% in 2007), and has steadily been decreasing throughout the last fe
  18. Yeah, it's a little disappointing to see the CTS drop like that. But it still looks like it outsold the Infiniti G Sedan and it's right in line with Lexus IS sales. As the months go by, I'm seeing more CTS' around Houston, which is cool. I saw a new GMC Terrain in traffic tonight. I'm still trying to decide if I like it or not. I'm seeing a lot of new Enclaves on the road here now. It seems like just in the last couple of months Buick Enclaves are popping up in traffic almost daily for me.
  19. It was an interesting read for sure. It really is unbelievable how poorly managed and unmotivated GM had become. Couldn't they see that they were getting their proverbial clock cleaned in the market place by the Japanese? (and the Germans too - look at how BMW does against Cadillac in the market place). In some ways, I kind of wonder if they even cared.
  20. The G8 needs to now become a Chevrolet Impala for 2010. The current Impala can be renamed or phased out.
  21. I would love to see market share percentage by region or city. For the most part, I'm sure it would be pretty predictable. Some areas may be kind of surprising though. I've taken a lot of road trips over the years, and aside from enjoying the scenery and the towns, I also get a kick out of seeing what people drive in certain regions. It always seems that out in the rural areas, the domestics tend to dominate, and as I get in towards the cities, I start seeing the mix become more 50/50 - or more in favor of imports. So my observation from last year, when I drove from Houston up to Bu
  22. I will say this though about Houston - I see a TON of the newer F-150's around here. I do see a lot of newer domestics on the road, but it's mainly trucks and the larger BOF SUV's. There are some new domestic cars sprinkled about the automotive landscape I suppose, but it just seems like Toyota basically rules the roost when it comes to mid size and compact cars. I'm even starting to see a lot of those new Venza's on the road. Toyota just does real well in this market. It may have a lot to do with marketing. It may also be a little bit of a function of the conservative leaning rig
  23. Oh yeah, I've seen approximately 0 new SRX's on the road here too. Okay, I see new CTS's almost every day - but compared to say, G35's or IS350's or something, they're outnumbered like 7 to 1. GM just has a lot of work to do in markets that aren't tied too heavily to the auto industry and/or are geographically distanced from Michigan. I may be slightly exaggerating here on how few the numbers of new GM cars and trucks I see, but it truly is astounding how they really have a very small presence here in Houston, especially compared to the Big 3 Japanese companies. Houston is an insanely
  24. I've seen one new LaCrosse on the road here in Houston - and it was a rental (in my parking lot at work). I've seen one or two new Equinox's and handful of Camaros. GM must be doing a lot better in other markets. Most of the newer cars around here are Toyota's. Typically, if I see a new car with paper plates it's either a Toyota, a Nissan or a Honda. I periodically see a new Chevy Tahoe or something, but none of these new Eqiunox's or LaCrosse's or anything like that. Based on my observations, I would say that GM accounts for like 5% of the new car market around here, maybe less.
  25. I hope that if I buy another GM car in the future, they'll compensate me somehow for the hit I'm going to take on the resale value on my Vue. I was kind of hoping that by Penske keeping Saturn alive, it would have helped the resale value a little bit. Oh well. Whatever.

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