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>>>> The Slovakian Terror

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Well I feel like a big loser for still not posting

my 1959 Buick LeSabre two-door post

sedan, or the "Banana Boat" 1977 Cadillac

Coupe deVille in this sub-forum.

Both of these old GMs are, in different ways,

project cars of mine. The Buick was used as

a daily driver for 7000 miles last summer, and

is now receiving some over-due TLC. The 49

year old 364 cubic inch V8 is half appart.

The Banana on the other hand is my current

daily driver, a 4500lbs. "coupe" powered by a

seven liter pushrod Cadillac block. 13 mpg is

about all I'm getting since I drive it like I

stole it. Not very condusive to $4.15/ gallon

gasoline prices, esp. since I drive much more

than the average person.

Well, those two T1GH+ WH!P$ will get their

own writeups but for now I present to you:

"The Slovakian Terror"

1993 Ford Escort 4 door hatchback. 1.9 liter, 5-speed

- Obtained free from a local used car dealer/wholesaler

- Approx 130,000 miles, interior mint

- Gutted/de-windowed/race prepped in one afternoon

- A few $ spent at the local hardware store for chains & fluids

- Liberal amounts of fun with a sawzall & torch

I raced it back in June 2005 in the Star Speedway

"Demolition Debystyle "Free For All" Enduro Races.

Blown clutch & flex plate put it out of the race but

not before I used the Escort's relatively excessive

weight to push a Honda Civic hatchback into the

concrete wall at about 40mph.

A nice, clean, confirmed KILL!

P.S. for the record HE pushed me about three times

& kept harrasing me, I got confirmation of his car's

descript/# from my buddy in the stands through

my 2-way radio and went for this throat.

And THAT is what makes this little $hitbox Ford an

official, bonafide T!G#T WH1P$ car club member &

wins it a Rusty Jones Lifetime Achivement Award.

Now I'm going to let the photos do the talking. 8)










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That is in better shape then the Shadow Dodgefans brother and him are working on. I still can't stop laughing that actually is kinda cool. So how does it drive?

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I couldn't think of a better use for an old Messcort if I tried for a year. Course, I'd be saying that if it were in showroom condition with delivery miles only, too! :lol:

I hope Dodgefan is taking notes! Seriously, bro; gut the Shadow, give her the old Krylon touch, and send it off to heaven with a bang (or a couple dozen)!

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Yup... it was a good time had by all.

Xcept for the dude with the small d!ck driving the Honda.

He had a head on collision with a 2-foot thick block of

concrete after I used some nasty mega under steer to

push him into the wall. I have it on tape!

While I have not seen the Shadow's carpet & door panels

off to inspect the oxidation damage I can hazard an

educated guess based on what I have seen.

All those nasty holes/rips in the Escort's wheel wells & in

the rocker panels was not evident until I kicked the slightly

bubbled paint with my combat boot to inspect just how bad

of a rot box I was dealing with.

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Oh, and I forgot to mention, after I dragged it home and then

a few weeks later decided against re-using it in the Halloween

Howler since I got a free Mazda 626, I junked it, which back

in 2005 did not get you $175-$300 dollars, instead I towed it

up to a junkyard in NH and exchanged it for some car parts I

needed for my S10 and Camaro.

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