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  1. but i have seen 1 or 2 here....if they weren't test models... or were they hybrids? maybe it was last gen...
  2. what "car" youtube channels do you like? i recently found barricade garage for comedy haven't watched much lately, but the car wizard is typically pretty good too.
  3. with a Cat, it would also need unleaded fuel, which lowered compression, and typically some RPM. iff 155 was at 5Krpm and the new hp was at 4250rpm, even at the lower compression could reduce it decently. edit(just this line)also depends on carb/injection setup isn't exhaust note very determined by back pressure, pulse speed, muffler, exhaust diameter and things like if x/h or straight pipes....?
  4. we've heard of the 5.5L for awhile. will those power numbers be able to be put to the ground? sure electronics will play a huge part. how limited will these numbers be, 100 zoras a year? 1000 zr1s?
  5. yeah, CX-30 is more like a direct "Mazda3 on stilts", but it also is a newer vehicle with the updated platform the new 3 uses. the whole lineup for mazda(not the MX-5), before the new 3, was the same platform, whether stretched or shrunk, lifted or standard.... tried to find this, no luck ATM. definitely this space has left a lot of sales open with ford, GM(chevy/buick),FCA(how long does the 300/charger have left ?) leaving the space and these specs would make the 6 stand out, depending on price. depending on how much more lux mazda is trying to go, this would be a huge success for t
  6. i would think the CX5 would still basically be the Mazda 3. the CX9 should definitely be a RWD/AWD beast with this engine..... Beast meaning stronger than what it is now. edit, if HP scales linearly with displacement, the i6 would need to be 3.5L to be over 300hp, just barely.
  7. the inline 6, skyactiv-x tech, 48V system, RWD, (up to) 350HP. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a32109038/mazda-6-rwd-confirmed-2022/?fbclid=IwAR1w4KSuXTZnoXF-IU4OiveIwirJSVS2jrvFbZ7nBr0xpScbYsCwq1WvCVM
  8. still doing this, maybe closer to 7K, mileage is like ~89.5K
  9. if it's only like $500, i could see a big take rate for it, but if it's above $1000, only the greeny-weeinies will take it. this would be good for fleets that aren't used 90+%.. keeping the batteries topped off to lower maintenance needs.... yeah.
  10. HP in trucks is not something to max.... who's gonna race the thing making it turn above 6500rpm? edit, it's not an SS, or Cyclone type truck
  11. patents show some inline 6 info (integrated exhaust manifold) and an 8 speed auto. hopefully these aren't far from production. I've said this before, their automatics are good, but only 6 in a market with many 8-10 speeds does make it look behind the times. An inline 6 would provide more power and refinement for a large sedan and SUV/X-over. https://www.motor1.com/news/396805/mazda-patent-six-cylinder-eight-speed/
  12. diesel to gas price seems to vary widely over the last few years, typicaly gas will be cheaper, but not always. tried to hit up some regular websites for that history, but couldn't find it.
  13. not bad, in the way that electric vehicles could be styled, but still very bland, but not in any sort of bad way. makes me think blade runner, kinda. the small truck and bus are fairly distinctive.
  14. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/mazda-cx5-diesel-msrp-discount/
  15. the 2.5L and hybrid sound like it would reign supreme in the MPG war in this size. wife took a test drive in one a few years ago. seemed fairly good for that short of a drive.
  16. sounds like it should have referenced motorcycles.
  17. the front feels like alot of Blazer.... will probably set itself apart with the lights on....?
  18. even if they lightly turbo it like Dwight has made posts about, it could probably be good for mazda turbo like power. lots of torque and some more HP. https://www.thecarconnection.com/car-compare-results/hyundai_santa-fe_2019-vs-mazda_cx-9_2019 no 3rd seat row, it's shorter. but the mazda is rated better MPG.
  19. 1.9L and a 1/2 turbo! oh, and only 2 wheels. lol
  20. not surprising they make the 2.5 standard. rest of the world got the D and will soon have the X in more than 1 model. if the first x variant here is a 2.5L or a 6cyl... w/e. the cx-3 is based on the 2, which here is the toyota yaris...? while not bad for those of smaller needs and stature, this will be for those that want a little more thrill, but still don't need something big.
  21. is it just frequency of the ~1500rpm idle, or that it happened whenever you(or other) started it? sometimes, for mine, it could be 2 hours later and it wouldn't need to high idle yet. I was told when i bought it, that i didn't have to let it go through that cycle, but i typically let it do it be cause it'll take me that long to get situated and buckled in,

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