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*** CRUISE RT 66??? ***

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I know life "gets in the way" ... I'm not sure I could even make the entire trek ... but if I and a few others set up plans for a leisurely cruising tour of RT 66 from Chicagoland to California, are you interested in participating for all or part of the festivities?

This would take place in the September/October 2009 timeframe. I know that is the fall with school and other activities back in session, but this timeframe is ideal in terms of "cooler" temps...we wouldn't be dealing with sweltering heat in the southern states.... And, we wouldn't be at the "peak" of the summer driving/vacation season....

We'd start in Chicagoland, with a Saturday gathering in the Elgin IL area, perhaps something similar to the Chitown Gathering we had this year on July 26 in Elgin:


Then, we could start out that night...or early Sunday morning...and take a few days to get to CA so we could take in all we could along RT 66 without feeling too rushed.

Heck, I'm not sure which MC I'd drive...perhaps the '76.... But, that aside, life is too short ... and I want to do this before it's "too late" ... and I'm curious to know if much interest is in doing something like this with a group of people and awesome vehicles.... I'm posting this initially to a few select boards...and, if interest is good and we get plans together, will open it up to others....

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Anyone else interested?

In the coming weeks, I will begin to work out an "itinerary" of sorts.

From several links that Bob and Dennis (ChevyTalk.org) and a few others have forwarded to me, I have sent requests for brochures and information from the IL portion of RT 66...and will work from there across the states.

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I know this SEEMS like a LONG way off, but in a way, it isn't.

You do NOT have to go the entire trip...you can join us for as long or as short a time/distance as you want/are able....

And, I personally do not care what anyone drives during the trip. I think it'd be neat just to take the route....

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Yeah, I know for some it will be the wrong time of the year...sorry, gm4life :(.

As you consider cruising with us part or all of the way, please know that this event will be planned for the ENTIRE family. So, invite your family and friends!

I'm still waiting for the brochures I requested. I hope to receive them soon....

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MANY KUDOS to ChevyTalk's hinckley who Emailed me a cool, rough outline of places to visit along RT 66, along with some mailing address contacts. I am STILL waiting for the brochures I ordered/requested, but the information CT's hinckley sent me is sure a GREAT start!!!

This is an ALL-FAMILY event! So...invite your family and friends!

Some HIGHLIGHTS from the info CT's hinckley sent me:


...For starters, this book is an excellent investment for those who are even considering joining this tour of sorts. It is my understanding that we could get a significant discount from the retail price....


...Funks Grove

...Cozy Dog (Springfield)

...Abraham Lincoln sites


...Chain of Rocks Bridge

...Gateway Arch (St Louis)

...Ted Drewes Frozen Custard (Chippewa Avenue, St Louis)

...Merrimack Caverns

...Jensen Point Overlook

...Wilson Creek National Battlefield (Springfield)

...Gray/Campbell Farmstead (Springfield)


...Cafe on the Route (Baxter Springs)


...Cowboy Hall Of Fame (Oklahoma City)

...other places in the newly-released detailed RT 66 travel guide....


...U Drop Inn (Shamrock)

...Devils Rope Museum (McClean)

...McClean Phillips 66 Service Station

...Big Texas Steak Ranch (Amarillo)



...Route 66 Auto Museum (Santa Rosa)

...park at the Blue Hole (Santa Rosa)

...vintage motel (Moriarity)

...Rip Griffin Truck Stop (Moriarity)

...Sandia Peak Tramway (Albuquerque)

...Rio Grande Zoo (Albuquerque)

...Acoma (oldest continuously inhabited community in America)


...El Moro National Monument

...Bandera Volcano


...Petrified Forest (east of Holbrook)

...LaPosada (Winslow)

...Walnut Canyon (east of Flagstaff)

...Oak Creek Canyon (Sedona) to Jerome

...Grand Canyon (Williams)

...Pine Country Restaurant (Williams)

...longest uninterrupted stretch of RT 66 (Crookton Road exit east of Ashfork to Topock)

...Snow Cap (Seligman)

...Hualapai Lodge (Peach Springs)

...Hualapai Mountains (Kingman)


...earliest alignment of Route 66 (east of Needles at Goffs turn off; this stretch swings under I-40 west of Goffs and joins Route 66 through Ludlow, Amboy and Essex)

...railroad museum (Barstow)

...Route 66 museum (Victorville)

...Catalina Island

Anyone else considering this now??!!

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Saw this article in our local paper Sunday about a couple planning bike tours:


I hope that this Cruisin' RT 66 event takes off and is successful, too....

How does this ROUGH schedule idea seem to you? Specific dates in September 2009 TBD. And, I'm still waiting for the brochures I ordered...and still need to do some detailed research, etc....

Saturday ... kick-off car gathering in Elgin (mid morning to early afternoon); drive to Springfield IL (late afternoon)

Sunday ... site see in Springfield IL (morning); drive to St Louis MO (late afternoon)

Monday ... site see in St Louis (morning); drive to Baxter Springs KS (afternoon)

Tuesday ... drive to Oklahoma City (late morning/early afternoon)

Wednesday ... drive to Amarillo TX (afternoon)

Thursday ... drive to Albuquerque NM (mid morning)

Friday ... drive to Flagstaff AZ (afternoon)

Saturday ... drive to Needles CA (afternoon)

Sunday ... drive to Los Angeles CA (afternoon)

AND...soon, I will start an OFFICIAL thread for this....

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morning ... kick-off gathering, Elgin IL, 11a; this will be at...

...Steak'n'Shake on Randall Rd in Elgin, where we had the 1st ANNUAL MidSummer CHITOWN GATHERING, Saturday, July 26, 2008 [the 2nd ANNUAL MidSummer CHITOWN GATHERING is SATURDAY, JULY 25, 2009]


...Nick's Pizza Pub, where we will have the FALL CHITOWN GATHERING this SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2008.

afternoon ... Elgin IL to Springfield IL, ~200 miles / ~5 hours (NOT starting in Chicago because city traffic would be a bit hectic/stressful)

evening ... gathering at Cozy Dog, Springfield IL, ~6p


morning ... seeing the sites in Springfield IL

afternoon ... Springfield IL to St Louis MO, ~100 miles / ~ 3 hours

afternoon ... sites in/around St Louis, including Ted Drewes Frozen Custard (Chippewa Avenue)

evening ... St Louis MO to Stanton MO, ~65 miles / ~ 2 hours, to stay at Meramec Caverns, a Route 66 icon


morning/afternoon ... Stanton MO to Joplin MO, ~225 miles / ~5 hours (longer due to stops along the way)

afternoon ... stop in Springfield IL (Wilson Creek National Battlefield and the Gray/Campbell Farmstead, etc.)


morning/afternoon ... Joplin MO to Oklahoma City OK, ~220 miloes / ~5 hours (longer due to stops along the way)

morning ... stop at Cafe on the Route in Baxter Springs KS for breakfast

afternoon ... Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City OK

evening ... Oklahoma City OK to Guthrie OK, ~30 miles north / ~1 hour

night ... see the movie "Cars" at a drive-in movie theater?


morning/afternoon ... Guthrie/Oklahoma City OK to Amarillo TX, ~295 miles / ~6 hours (longer due to stops along the way)

afternoon ... stops in Shamrock TX (U Drop Inn) and McClean TX (Devils Rope Museum and Phillips 66 Service Station)

evening ... either dinner at Big Texan Steak Ranch (Amarillo TX) OR picnic/BBQ at Palo Duron Canyon State Park, ~20 miles south of Amarillo TX


morning/afternoon ... Amarillo TX to Albuquerque NM, ~290 miles / ~6 hours (longer due to stops along the way)

afternoon ... stops in Santa Rosa NM (Route 66 Auto Museum, park at the Blue Hole) and Moriarty NM (vintage motel, Rip Griffin Truck Stop)

afternoon/evening ... in Albuquerque NM, check out the Sandia Peak Tramway, Old Town, etc.


morning/afternoon ... Albuquerque NM to Flagstaff AZ, ~325 miles / ~7 hours (longer due to stops along the way)

afternoon ... stops in Acomita (oldest continuously inhabited community in America) and Gallup

afternoon ... detour Grants NM to Sanders AZ along RT 53, past Bandera Crater El Morro and Zuni Pueblo


morning/afternoon ... Flagstaff AZ to Kingman AZ, ~150 miles / ~ 3 hours (longer due to stops along the way)

afternoon ... stops east of Holbrook AZ (Petrified Forest), Winslow AZ (LaPosada), Walnut Canyon, Sedona AZ (Oak Creek Canyon) to Jerome AZ, Williams AZ (Grand Canyon and Pine Country Restaurant for a meal), Ashfork AZ to Topock AZ (longest uninterrupted stretch of RT 66, starting at Crookton Road exit), Seligman AZ (Snow Cap), Peach Springs AZ (Hualapai Lodge)

afternoon/evening ... visit the Hualapai Mountains (Kingman AZ)


morning/afternoon ... Kingman AZ to Los Angeles CA, ~320 miles / ~7 hours (longer due to stops along the way)

morning ... drive through the Black Mountains, very scenic portion of RT 66 ... and drive along the earliest alignment of Route 66 (east of Needles CA at Goffs turn off ... this stretch swings under I-40 west of Goffs and joines Route 66 through Ludlow, Amboy and Essex)

afternoon ... stops in Barstow CA (railroad museum) and Victorville CA (Route 66 Museum)


Saturday, September 5, 2009 to Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yes, I know the first 3 days of this stretch is Labor Day weekend ... a very busy, eventful time. It isn't "perfect" for me either (I usually wash/wax my car for the last time in the year) ... BUT ... this would, for most, be a 3-day weekend, good for one less vacation day from work....


Depending on interest, perhaps we could have fundraisers for non-profit organizations (such as the Adult Congenital Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, etc. etc.) along the way....


To ensure that this is a success, I will need some help in planning activities. I'd like to have at least one volunteer in every state along the way to help me plan and arrange events, tours, shows, etc.

I believe ChevyTalk's Dee Gee and Bobs53PU, Oklahoma residents, are willing to help out in Oklahoma. Anyone for Missouri, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California???

AND ... SOON ... I will start a new, official thread for this event....

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This IS coming together. Soon, I will start a brand new post/thread as the OFFICIAL announcement. More to come!!!!

Some Route 66 links:



Who knows ... maybe someday I'll see about spearheading a tour of the old Lincoln Highway:


In the meantime...any additional comments/suggestions about these aspects of the September 2009 Route 66 tour...




Anyone else willing to help put this together?


I know the costs of such a trip, especially if one decides to go the entire distance, will be significant. With that in mind ... anyone have any suggestions of companies that MIGHT consider being a sponsor to help with costs of some of the attractions and/or meals and/or hotels/motels ... to help encourage more people to participate?

Cort | 35swm | "Mr Monte Carlo"."Mr Road Trip" | pig valve.pacemaker

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