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Mitsuoka Galue S50 Limousine plops onto the scene

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Mitsuoka, that tiny Japanese manufacturer who makes the wonderfully wacky Orochi sea monster, has introduced its latest automotive mash-up, just in time to give us a Halloween fright. It is a derivative of the company's Galue III (the return of the shapeshifter) and is known as the Galue Limousine S50. This shouldn't be confused with the company's Galue 204 Toyota Corolla rebody, or the Galue Convertible, which is based on the Ford Mustang. Instead, this limo is based on the Infiniti M, but incorporates styling touches from such classic designs as the '94 Cadillac Fleetwood, the Rolls-Royce Phantom and the Apple iPhone. While that might not sound too offensive, trust us, it is.

Remember the classic Beetles with the R-R grilles? Imagine that on a new Infiniti M35. And out back, that gracefully curved rear has been amended with Caddy taillight protrusions. Where once stood a B-pillar, we now have a foot-wide panel that houses an oversized iPhone-like glass panel. Like the retro-classic Excaliburs of the '70s and '80s, Mitsuoka apparently feels people will like modern running gear hidden beneath "classic" British looks. Priced between 8,016,750 yen (68,600 euros at the exchange) for the 223-hp 250LX to 9,345,000 (80,000 euros) for the 313-hp 350LX 4WD, we think that's a lot of coin for a Frankencar like this. Heck, you could probably find a used Continental GT for about the same. You could even rebadge it as a Hyundai if it makes you feel better.

Link: http://www.autoblog.com/2008/10/27/mitsuok...onto-the-scene/

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THAT may also be the ultimate "Balla mobile" to help keep Yoshi's pimp hand strong. :rolleyes::puke:

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Real estate on a bus line is looking better and better...between this and the new Maxima...two of the ugliest cars ever penned by the japanese, or any other nation for that matter.


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What's not to like? With a formal grille, opera windows, and Cadillac Deville taillights, it's a modern classic.

This car reminds me of one of those puzzles they have in Collectible Automobile magazine occasionally, an illustration several car parts glommed together and you have to guess what came from where...

too bizzare

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