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  1. It's something in the water...I almost never see your responses as less than sane and civil. You are always civil and decent...
  2. Mods could we please lock this thread? This whole thing has gotten unacceptable.
  3. Ya know....I got yelled at by another driver who ran a red light...I had a green....near accident. Sometimes not escalating a situation has benefits. Nothing mechanical is ever perfect. Although the 65-70 Mustang fastbacks and 58-62 Corvettes are close to visually perfect, so I have to potentially modify what I said... And I think you need to give the Mad Greek Oldsmobile fanatic some breathing room. Boeing did really do some morally questionable things here.
  4. Pretty much the state of everything right now. This would be a fantastic country if we could elect actual adults to lead us. I am flying to Florida next week and will be flying on a Boeing 737. Yes, Boeing has some moral responsibility but they also have built some damned safe aircraft. No one has ever lost their lives on a 787, and I don't think any 777's were to blame for any of the fatalities on them. Most but not all of the 747 accidents that were fatal were human error rather than Boeing's engineering. I challenge anyone here to do anything with that kind of success record. Hell....Oldshurst has more failures with hot dogs in his restaurant than Boeing does with planes. And yes...no one has ever died from one of those hot dogs...but people are not exactly flying them across oceans either. And yet cost cutting did bring us two bad crashes. Boeing will pay out the nose for grounded flights and lost business. They are big kids on the block and they know this. That is part of what makes supervised Capitalism work.
  5. Capitalism with adult supervision is fantastic.
  6. More like morally bankrupt actually. GM has issues with product more than they have issues with trump Which is why it won't happen.
  7. People have left Ford Insider News which is a bunch of Trump humpers...Your argument is non unique. All of the vile things that put the Insane Clown Posse in power will still be there after he is gone. And I would put Trumps odds of re election at 65 percent of better.
  8. Agree completely. Our trade deficit and budget deficits have exploded. This was foreseen by economists...but who listens to them? He is posturing for his base...nothing more. Thank you. Mexico has much better human rights than China. I don't mind buying Mexican...despise buying Chinese.
  9. A big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream actually. Glad to see the powertrain choices here.
  10. Deleted my earlier comments. Was in a horrible mood....upon further reflection I actually really like this.
  11. Yep...I am by no means ahr4d right but I am not hard left either.
  12. I am a sports car type of guy and love the pacifica. If it were my money and a choice between those two...Pacifica hands down.
  13. The frame on that rodeo that Haley was driving to her high school classes had the integrity of a balsa wood model airplane. I am amazed the towing company got it into the flatbed without it breaking in two. The parents...my neighbors...bought it new. Good people...unforgivable had on the part of Mitsu and Honda to sell those. Unforgivable.
  14. Given the hideous nature of the current crop of Acura vehicles it would seem Honda is the one company outside of Applebee's on the planet incapable of hurting itself with marginal product. My father owned one on the Rodeo passports. It was a steaming pile. The Rodeo handed down to the teen girl who used to live next door...rather terrifyingly had the frame rot in amazing ways.
  15. The passport has obscenely high resale which was the point. Applebees offers God awful good and service...and sells food all over the country. If your going to sell drivel to the masses it might as well be profitable. I like them just fine. It's just that the XT6 is the Applebees or Olive Garden of Luxury SUVs. But don't feel insulted...BMW is like an over rated French restaurant that over promises and under delivers.

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