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  1. I want the mustang fresh off of the assembly line like it would be in the advert. heck, give me a Falcon Sprint convertible for a weekend car.
  2. I will take one of those vintage Mustangs, and a nice vintage F series to go with it. I wouldn't, i could buy a decent used Mustang GT or Miata for that. Kit cars always seem to have tons of issues.
  3. Thanks, I am 54 today...times goes by fast.
  4. It looks like at least one Aerotrain, or part of one, survived, interesting.
  5. More of a publicity stunt than an actual train, but cool looking none the less.
  6. https://barnfinds.com/1966-oldsmobile-ninety-eight-with-a-genuine-6748-miles/?fbclid=IwAR3dTmrn1Zz41PX9bdMYzsyGAktQVLtUxnr-xjS_68FtDi3iQ8MFPCcyTyM
  7. Absolutely love this car, congrats!
  8. Wait until the electric aluminium F150's get here...
  9. Turn down the sound as it is a political advertisement....but liked seeing a Camaro in this clip.
  10. Quoted for truth.... The Buicks, Corvette, Camaro, Cadillac all nice....but SUV's From Chevrolet are unattractive IMHO and the latest iteration of trucks was literally conceived in a Meth on the west side of Detroit. Mindless transportation pod extraordinaire....
  11. I will loose my Ford hater card for posting this, but i am interested in the Bronco when it comes out. I think it will be an interesting little buggy.... depends on what you want....the cost of cars seems to have gone up really substantially. I actually find it attractive.
  12. You can't come close to the cost of materials to wire a house to code for that....even in Ohio, which has less bureaucracy than New Jersey you will have that much in a permit, building inspection, and gas driving to the job site. If you go over 100k you may have a problem getting a loan from some banks. My bank will not write a loan on anything over 100k, and gives a serious ding to higher miles if you refinance. Given the low cost of financing a new car, you are better off buying it outright and getting the 2.9 percent or whatever....because if you are buying it out of lease you will be paying used car finance rates, which are seemingly almost always much higher. Not bad, but not terribly appealing either.
  13. Sadly people will continue to spend big bucks for these, they have a cult following just like the 4 runner.
  14. RAV 4 is a stylistic disaster, but the 4 runner has a huge following and enormous resale. 4 Runner is the only thing they build, other than Supra, that I would really want to own.
  15. I certainly don't....so we are in the same boat...
  16. I like it better than most other cars in its class, actually.
  17. Camry sill selling well in a sea of under performing sedans.

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