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  1. I didn't say every product was fantastic....but they are getting back on track....!
  2. I could almost see buying a similar vehicle myself. Looks fantastic. Like Hemi Cuda convertible fantastic. Congrats!
  3. Actually as an enthusiast I am actually starting to feel good about Ford again. New Bronco...Lincoln lineup looks fantastic. Mustang and trucks are everything they should be...transit is a good product. I think Ford discovered its voice in a way that it hasn't had for 40 or 45 years. They earned every conquest sale they got IMHO.
  4. Or the are getting conquest buyers, far more likely given the increased sales.
  5. Gladiator looks killer. Although i really like the Toyota 4 runner also. Lot of good product in that segment of SUV.
  6. Actually to be technically correct, VW and Audi don't make or sell any Jeeps (Horse ducks from wrench thrown from Pittsburgh...)....but yes you are correct. Rail and Semi traffic is down, the indicators are there. Conflict with Iran and the middle east that is self induced from Washington won't help matters either. markets like stability. I love the F series....even being down on ford, I just love the F series. Unfortunately, yes...on the part of the Silverado. Hyundai and KIA do have their A game on, I will sport you that one at least.
  7. There are reasons we still lead the world in a lot of areas...it ain't easy. And if waste is our cri8teria...tons of waste in peoples personal lives and in the private sector as well.
  8. Trillion dollar deficits are certainly not doing us any favors. And yes, there are rational conservatives. Had dinner at a great Italian place with my friend Andy last night...he is an NRA instructor and a very politically conservative guy. But he deals in facts and reality... Tax increases and cuts to the military and various programs. We have sold the country out with huge deficits for 60 years, time to pay the piper. The military still needs serious cuts though. Stopping foreign aid is the first step to making ourselves whole.
  9. I actually agree with this sentiment entirely. China is also not spending crap tons of money on war, like we have in Iraq and Afghanistan, and soon to be Iran.
  10. As i have said before, I think it is a racket to retire cars early so normal folk don't drive them. Got to keep up that BMW exclusivity. Your kids high school janitor can drive a Cadillac or Lexus he buys used without it bankrupting himself.
  11. Quoted for truth. As much as I complain about several other countries...i trust China even less. Given the way they treated the Greeks, i can see why. I still respect their politics more than ours or Japans though. If they could build cars that were not horribly expensive to fix....they might be on to something.
  12. We need to be the adults in the room. Open to discuss what that would actually look like.
  13. Hell yes. I love ribs...and sweet corn. I will bring desert.
  14. At any rate...business does not l8ke uncertainty. This creates unneeded tension and chaos in the economy.
  15. Ohhh...no, I don't want to see you stay quiet on the subject...like I said...Hamas is a terrorist organization. No debate from me on that. At any rate...initiating conflict with a nuclear power when all you have are grenade launchers and small rockets is astonishingly stupid on the part of Hamas.
  16. He will settle for any kind of woodie, actually. Or interesting....At that point, Chevy Sonic or Spark might be just as interesting... Honest automotive journalism.... Fair enough...I thought Hoover (being gone 90 years) would be a fairly generic topic.
  17. I don't feel a lot of sympathy for either side. Will happily debate you on this if the politics section gets re opened. Hamas is also killing children without a whole lot of remorse....go back to my original comment above about how killing children is immoral. It is immoral to have someone step onto a bus with bombs strapped to their chest and ball bearings laced with rat poison (to kill the maximum number of people possible.) Hamas had no problem with this....or with other atrocities. Hamas is beneath contempt. I totally denounce Hamas. Hezbollah is not real high on my list of favorites either, nor is Boko Haram. I would be in favor of pulling both humanitarian aid to the Palestinians (they voluntarily voted to have Hamas represent them) and aid to the Israelis. For what it is worth...I do not believe in foreign aid to anybody other than brief humanitarian aid in a time of crisis...food, blankets, medical supplies and the like. I would feel the same way about Canada as I do about Israel...or Pakistan....and the same way about Finland for that matter. The atrocities of Israel and Hamas are both well documented. Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky are both Jewish and fairly rational on this matter....IIRC Finkelstein's parents were both killed in the Holocaust...they might be worth a good read.
  18. Since the styling cues come more from a vacuum cleaner than a car....why not a Hoover version? And since we are talking about re opening politics...and since Hoover was by all counts a mediocre president....and no one here will spend a dime on this steaming pile....why not the Hoover version?
  19. Either killing children is morally wrong or it isn't. Article in my news feed made me want to throw up this morning...two teenage girls were adopting pets, and then posting selfies of them torturing the pets to death, shooting the pets, mutilating them. We look at these girls as unfit for decent society. But when the Obama administration gives weapons and aid to rebels in Syria that behead a 12 year old boy as an apostate...or the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations kill civilians (including children en masse) with drones....(Obama more than Bush, Trump more than Obama....) or we give a hotbed of Islamic radicalism 3 billion dollars in aid a year (Pakistan) or the apartheid country of Israel 4 billion in aid a year (killing journalists, aid workers, and children) or give the radical Saudis nuclear weapons technology...or give the radical government in Egypt Billions in aid... Methinks we should worry a lot more about what Washington does to actual people...it's much more morally wrong than what these girls did. The list is really, really long. Testing nuclear weapons with soldiers/Sailors on nearby ships like our government did after world war two...not giving aid and medical care (proper aid and medical care, and counseling) to our veterans would be another. How many veterans commit suicide every day....pretty high number... Back to looking at GTO pics. Washington really sucks. Benghazi was bad...but taking out Gaddafi was worse. ISIS was not in Libya before we did that. We have zero remorse for the pain we inflict on others. Its kind of like the 2020 election...the fun will be watching half the country loose its crap on Facebook, regardless of outcome.

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