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There are those among us who are, shall we say, camera whores. We take pictures any chance we get. There are also times when you just happen to have your camera/camera phone with you to snap a cool, weird, crazy, or some combination of the three photo. This thread is for you! So let's begin.

Today I want to the nearby auto auction for fun, and snapped a few photos with my phone...I thought I'd share:

First up, for the Ford fans, is a Ford Elite


Next is a very sexy Dodge Shadow, complete with taped up bumper:


And the other car a took a photo of is the car I want to buy, a 300M



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I remember in high school some girl drove a beat up red Ford Elite. It, along with a '79 Thunderbird and an '83 Delta 88 were among the few full-sizers in the parking lot.

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got an ex whose mom bought a loaded 300m. metallic grey, grey leather. that was a honey of a ride on the interstate. those things will flat out fly too.

Yeah,, I drove it around the test course for quite a while, the ride is superb...not too harsh but not a marshmallow...I floored it from a dead stop a few times and spun the tires...I was really impressed by the 3.5's power.

This car...if only I had the money fr it...it sounded like it needed a some work on the passenger side front suspension, as it made some noise over bumps, and the driver's seat heater controls didn't work, but other than that, everything worked, engine sounded great, interior was flawless save for the armrest, which someone messed up (but an easy fix).

Would make a lovely addition next to the Intrepid.

That car had every option too.

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