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C&G This Week 11.16.08 - 11.22.08

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BREAKING NEWS: Bailout Update
~November 20, 2008~


The US government has postponed the vote on a potential aid package for GM, Ford and Chrysler, in order to give them enough time to come up with a plan for using the money. THe vote will occur sometime in December.

:forum:Big 3 Bailout News


GM Needs Your Help
~November 16, 2008


During World War II, when America needed all the help it could get building war machinery to help fight off the Axis Powers, GM stepped up to the plate and offered its factories and workers to support the war effort. When 9/11 occured and sent the American economy and consumer confidence into a tailspin, GM again answered the call, offering killer incentives and financing deals to entice people to buy new cars and keep things from getting worse. Time and time again, GM has done its part to keep America rolling. Now it's America's turn to return the favor and keep GM rolling, as the country's largest auto manufacturer is in dire straits and might not make it without outside help. Hard to believe, but our current administration just doesn't see the importance of GM, or the American auto industry for that matter. Apparently the potential collapse of the American economy isn't enough to get them to care. Do you want to give GM a hand, but don't quite have enough dough scraped together for a new car? No problem. Just click the link below to be taken to a form that will allow you to send a letter to your local congressman. For your reading pleasure, we've also included links to some well-written articles showing just how important GM is to the national and global economy.

:forum:Yes, I Want to Help GM
:forum:Peter DeLorenzo Article #1
:forum:Peter DeLorenzo Article #2
:forum:Scott Settlemire Article

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