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This car was built in very small numbers due to the

outbreak of a world war... it's a smaller cousin to a

much more luxurious and sporty car that was V8

powered and considered in it's day the ultimate car

for the Autobahn, perhaps the first ultimate, mass

produced "performance sedan".

The car in question was smaller, had a one piece

windshield and a horizontally opposed, air cooled,

flat four-cylinder motor instead of the V8, and it

also had one less headlight than the aforementioned

luxury sports-sedan.

Name the cars I'm eluding to.

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WMJ swoops in for the win. :)

Tatras fascinate me. They're the coolest thing with

four wheels to come out of my homeland. And for

those who do not know the name comes from the

TATRA mountain range in Slovakia, though the car

& truck manufacturing was mostly tied to the

Czech Republic.

Here's a few places to check out the 411 on Tatra:






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Yes Virginia, the Czechoslovakians invented the Automotive tailfin in the 1930s. :)






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From what I've heard Tatras killed more Nazi officers than all the clap infested whores in Paris. Turns out the swing arm rear suspension liked to flip the car over if a person wasn't familiar with driving a rear engined vehicle and how you're supposed to stay on the gas in the case of a slide.

True. In fact Hitler banned his officers from driving Tatras after this was

discovered to be the case... The high ranking officers (SS & Gestapo)

loved to show-boat in fast cars and Tatras were essentially the first

"ultimate driving machines" at a time when BMW was still rebadging the

British Austin Seven. :P

I guess if the all-mighty Porsche 911 had existed in 1939 it would have

certainly killed a bunch of over-zealous German officers too.

Plenty of Idiots kill themselves while driving plenty of fast/exotic cars.

Some retard is busy wrapping a brand new Corvette Z06 around a tree

or telephone pole RIGHT NOW.

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