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Carbon Motors E7 police vehicle

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So, this Carbon Motors (http://www.carbonmotors.com/) E7 police vehicle is supposed to be built from the "ground up" as a completely new vehicle. So, why doe it look so much like a Chrysler 300?? It almost looks like they got plans for the next, slightly more aerodynamic, 300? :huh:





Carbon Motors™ to Unveil World's First Purpose-Built Law Enforcement Vehicle on "PURE JUSTICE TOUR" of US Cities

New Homeland Security Company Mulls Alternative Site Locations - Meets with Economic Development Leaders. Former IACP President to Marshal in New Era of Cutting Edge Homeland Security Technology to Law Enforcement Leaders

CHICAGO, IL - Carbon Motors Corporation announced today it will unveil the Carbon 'E7', the world's first purpose-built law enforcement vehicle, during the "2008 Pure Justice Tour" of nine U.S. cities starting in Chicago, Illinois and including San Diego, California for the 115th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference and Exposition where over 15,000 senior law enforcement professionals will gather from all around the world.

The Carbon 'E7' – the temporary program code used until the law enforcement community selects a vehicle name – represents the next generation of law enforcement technology as the first vehicle in history designed and engineered from the ground up and bumper-to-bumper specifically for law enforcement operations.

Carbon Motors announced today the nine cities the 'E7' will visit during the 2008 Pure Justice Tour beginning Tuesday October 14, 2008 in Chicago, IL. The tour will include stops in:

Chicago, IL Tuesday, October 14 Indianapolis, IN Monday, October 20 Columbus, OH Thursday, October 23 San Diego, CA Saturday, November 8 – 12 San Jose, CA Tuesday, November 18 San Francisco, CA Saturday, November 22 – 29 Greenville, SC Thursday, December 4 – 9 Jacksonville, FL Wednesday, December 10 – 14 Tampa, FL Monday, December 15 – 19

The vehicle was well received at recent VIP sneak preview events for Tier 1 suppliers held in Detroit, MI. Further tour dates and event details will be made available at www.carbonmotors.com and is also being promoted on YouTube.com and BLUtube through the video trailer "Ours is Real". The company will invite law enforcement and the communities they serve to view the 'E7' up close at each stop of the tour – and in some cases the respective state's senior economic development officials. Carbon Motors is weighing its options for the site location of the Company where it intends to create 10,000 new direct and indirect American jobs and have a greater than $3 billion positive economic impact on the selected region over a period of ten years.

Carbon's 'E7' was designed by law enforcement, for law enforcement. To date, over 1,700 law enforcement professionals, representing all 50 US States and each functional discipline of law enforcement, have volunteered their time to serve on the Carbon Council, which provides direct and unfiltered interaction with the Carbon Motors team. As a result, the vehicle will come fully equipped with a comprehensive suite of purpose-built, state-of-the-art performance and safety features utilizing the latest advancements in defense and law enforcement technology.

"The 2008 Pure Justice Tour marks this revolutionary vehicle's debut to a first responder community that has waited far too long for a vehicle designed specifically for the high pressure and increasingly demanding work environment of law enforcement in a post-9/11 world," said William Santana Li, chairman and chief executive officer, Carbon Motors Corporation. "The military has long used purpose-built vehicles to accomplish their unique missions. Fire engines were specifically designed to provide firefighters with water, aerial ladders or other equipment to assist them in rescue work. And even postal workers have purpose-built trucks for delivering mail. Law enforcement, by comparison, has had to settle for retail cars designed for ordinary passenger use with haphazardly and dangerously installed law enforcement equipment. The women and men who protect our communities deserve better. Carbon's 'E7' will rectify this injustice."

The vehicle will display a robust collection of world-class technological and design enhancements, including an ergonomically correct cockpit inspired by jet fighters and helicopters, a high powered clean-diesel engine capable of running on biodiesel (that will provide 40 percent improvement in fuel efficiency and will meet or exceed the driving performance of current vehicles), integrated external and internal surveillance capabilities, radar, LoJack, an automatic license plate recognition system, radiation and biological threat detectors and 360 degree, high conspicuity built-in LED emergency lighting. In addition, the 'E7' debuts Carbon's proprietary On-board Rapid Command Architecture™ (ORCA™) with a large touch-screen main display and a separate touch screen keyboard providing world-class data communication and human-machine interface. The 'E7' will serve as an integrated homeland security platform enhancing security capabilities for the nation's 800,000+ law enforcement first responders, while substantially lowering their current operating costs and lessening the burden on taxpayers nationwide.

Joining the Carbon Motors executives at the 'E7' introduction to the IACP Conference in San Diego will be past IACP president and former Clinton cabinet member Drug Czar, Dr. Lee P. Brown. Dr. Brown serves on the Carbon Motors Advisory Board, alongside Governor Thomas J. Ridge, former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and Congressman Lee H. Hamilton, former vice-chair of the 9/11 commission.

"We ask so much more of our law enforcement officers today than we ever did in the past," said Dr. Brown. "They patrol our neighborhoods and our highways, arrive first on the scene of emergencies, live in their cars during natural disasters, gather and share vital intelligence. Their vehicles are not simply modes of transportation, but serve literally as a traveling office, as a first mode of protection, as a communications center and as a transport for dangerous criminals. This one piece of critical equipment is the command center for every officer on the street, and they deserve a vehicle that will not only help them do their jobs better but also protect them while they are doing it."

About Carbon Motors Corporation

Carbon Motors Corporation is a homeland security company focused on a highly specific mission: developing, manufacturing, distributing, and servicing the world's first purpose-built law enforcement patrol vehicle. Learn more at www.carbonmotors.com.

Source: http://www.autoblog.com/2008/10/09/carbon-...-e7-police-car/

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I would assume they are going to be sourcing components from an existing car makers and suppliers, seems like it would be extremely expensive for a tiny unknown company to develop something like this from scratch. Those look like Acura headlight clusters, for example.

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Yeah, I posted about this a few months ago.... I too am perplexed.


Is Bricklin somehow behind this? :P it reeks of his foolish optimism.

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No police department will be able to afford them.

Can't wait until these start hitting the secondhand market.

Unless, of course, they tightly control the sales of these... like UPS trucks... but I'd think that would be economically unfeasible... especially for the local police departments.

In other thoughts... Checker's taxicab business used to be like this... but Checker died out in the '60s for a reason...

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