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USA Today: GM chief Rick Wagoner stays sunny despite bad economy

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The last few days Bob Lutz has been on many people's minds. But here's a new interview with Rick Wagoner, from an article by Sharon Silke Carty for USA Today. here

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Just have the right products Rick when the market rebounds, and I will give you all my hairy love ... :smilewide:

Which means purple W-bodies and astras right?

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Which means purple W-bodies and astras right?

And don't forget to rebadge a few Chevys as Pontiac's!

GM is in good shape product wise as they have many good programs in the works. The big problem is because of the lack of cash flow and buyers they are all on hold accept the Volt and a few other models ready to go to market.

I get tired of the DC arguing on the Trillion Dollar package and so few in DC are addressing the credit market.

Too many just want to build bridges and create busey work but too little want to fix what provides money in long term investment in industrial programs that would be long lasting and improve investment by industry in this country.

If we do not help industry create new products and markets and give them the capital to move these programs forward. Also provide ways and means for the public to buy them we are just building bridges to no where.

It is time the public really looks the the stimulus bill and see what we are really getting. There is a reasons they are rushing it through. There are some good things there but there are so many things that are just a waste. There are also things in there that will remove your freedom of choice in some areas of your life you may not approve of.

They need to fix the leak first before they worry about mopping up. It is time DC addresses the credit problems and the rest will help fix it's self.

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Not to stray off topic to much. (If I do I'll edit)

D.C. is clueless, as always...

I love how Obama's approval rating has dropped 20 points in 2 weeks.

Not that I dislike the guy... I certainly hope he is 'the second coming of god' that the media has made him out to be, because if he fails, it's going to get REAL ugly up in here. And I'm not talking ugly as in politics, I'm talking ugly as in no consumer confidence and desperate people doing desperate things involving perpetual violence.

I was watching the inauguration and one of the newscasters said "And in a mere minute, America has been changed forever." I'm thinking "c'mon man, give me a damn break." Let's not put the carriage before the horse and hail the new hero before he fights the fight. I look around at the rising unemployment, desperation by some, families losing their houses, businesses going bankrupt and fat white rich guys getting fatter and richer and think; "same $h!, different day"

Just this past week BAC deined privately handing out +- $6 Billion in bonuses to top execs...



I support Obama and I think he's a smart guy, but I knew his "change" was really just 'more of the same' when I read a long time ago in USA Today (I tried to find the article, but couldn't) that his big stimulus plan involved China financing.

Bush uses China to finance the war... Obama uses China to finance the stimulus... Same fundamental problem... Same $h!, different day...

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Very good read. The perception issue is the biggest hurdle left for GM. They have some great cars, but more people need to know about them.

I think people are learning about them at this point but now they need to trust them with the money they need to pay down. That is if they can get the loan.

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