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took my car in to get serviced at a tranny shop... fluid and filter

called and said my seal is leaking, i thought it might have been a power steering leak...nope....

said a fix was ~$150 i think

is this fair, and how hard would it be to do not in a shop...aka driveway.

any potentially horribleness could ensue by leaving it alone.. short of tranny fluid leaking out quicker than i check on it?

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Is that $150 for the part or the whole job?

Basically what you would have to do is remove the wheel and tire, rotor, caliper and axleshaft, use a slide hammer to pull the old seal out, use a large socket to put the new seal in and reassemble. It's much easier to do on a lift than in a driveway. If you leave it alone you should be alright as long as it is not gushing fluid. All you would have to do is check the fluid level more often and top it off as needed.

thanks for the responce, somehow i missed it. had a shop do it. either that quote was wrong or it was a little $ off for all ready havin git in the shop. with a 5% off labor bill came to ~$165 have yet to make sure it's not leaking anymore, just got it back today.

i checked another place to see if the $170 quote was about right, it was in line with another shop in town.

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