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2010 LaCrosse CXL FWD Mini Review!

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2010 Buick LaCrosse CXL FWD










The Looks...

So at my dealer, while my tires were getting put on my salesman and I went out for a cruise in the 2010 LaX they got in last week... Let me tell you this car is STUNNING in person, it has dramatic lines, the Diamond white paint and chrome wheels "were just right". This car is a show stopper on the outside, but I already knew that from the photographs, it was the inside I wanted to see. The car was amazing once inside the "claw" door grab handles looked great but were a tad small for someone with large hands. As for the rest of the interior it was amazing the shifter was crisp, leather soft and comfortable, the dash with the amazing with contrasting stitching. The dash board was actually soft to the touch, on a GM car, I couldn't believe it, until I saw it. The center console "flows" down even the standard radio display didn't bother me. The front seats had plenty of room and the back seat was HUGE. It is a perfect car for someone with a family and not just youngster's. I actuall enjoyed myself in the back seat. So the interior was nearly perfect and trunk despite its lack of size on paper seemed deep and good sized. My only other comment about the interior aside of the handles was my head clipped the roof in rear seat until I found the "right" seating position.

The Drive...

This car drives like a dream, it rides nice without being floatly like my '87 Olds Delta 88. It handles great, and responds well to drive input and the steering feed back isn't to shabby either. The shifter has a "solid" feeling and the manual mode actually encouraged me to get involved in the driving the car. The engine had great kick and nice engine tone all the way up to the red-line. The car had really suprising kick and seemed faster than what the test numbers suggest. Going 80mph on a bumpy road in this car was no problem, it ate up the bumps and I didn't realize how fast I was going. This car amazed me, I would love to try a 3.6L CXS to see what it could do.

Fianl Thought

If this is the new Buick I like what I have driven and seen. This car will certainly be in the running as something I consider next time around. I can honestly say for the first time in my life, I will consider a Buick. This coming from me is HUGE, I never thought I would say it. Anyways the LaX is a great car and I would love to drive one again with the bigger engine, just to see the difference. The 3.0L seemed to have plently of pep for me at least.

**Note these are photographs from another local dealer, of a car just like the one I test drove. I forgot my camera and plus the car I drove was super dirty, due to lots of test drives!**

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I could really see you owning something like that more than I could the new Camaro.

As for me myself...I like smaller cars. But I am pretty stoked about the idea of a smaller Buick coming in a few years.

Nice write up sir...and thank you...I agree the car is a stunner. The Lexus IS-F is growing on me...but this new Buick puts the Lesus to shame, IMHO.


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Thanks for the insite.

I hope more people get the chance to drive one as I think it would change a lot of peoples ideas of what Buick is and where they are going.

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Well 66 it is looking more and more likely I will be doing another sedan. Someone else in my family will be doing a Camaro or maybe another RWD GM car. I have always said if someone in the family gets one I could always borrow it. So the new LaX, Caprice, Regal and whatever the new Impala turns out to be will be on my list.

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