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2010 Arizona International Auto Show

Robert Hall

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Went to the new car show downtown today, wandered around a couple hours. Mercedes-Benz was (inexplicably) absent, as was SAAB (understandably)



Sat in 4 different Camaros, incl. the Transformer edition. Hard to see out of, but overall pretty comfortable. The interior trim and materials look better in person than in the pics, IMHO. Surprised how tiny the trunk opening is relative to the size of the trunk lid.

They had a gorgeous dark red '10 ZR1. Was locked and covered in fingerprints. The red Gran Sport convertible was sweet.

Loved the CTS wagon. First I've seen, in CTS advert red..love that color. Nice how the rear seat folds flat.

Sat in a black on black w/ black out windows CTS-v. Drool. What a beast.

Saw the new LaCrosse, SRX, Terrain and Equinox up close for the first time. Sat in all...all have nicely done interiors. Strange plastic hinge covers on the LaCrosse trunk hinges. The LaCrosse has some odd proportions--narrow, tall, short nose, very short tail, long midsection. But it seems to work.


Really liked the '10 Taurus and MKS. Sat in both, liked the design and detailing inside out. There was a dark green SHO on display.

The MKT looks much better in person than in pics. It's a huge wagon.

The '10 Fusion, Milan and MKZ are pretty nice.

The Raptor is over the top, wild in orange w/ orange interior trim.

Sat in a Ford Transit, neat funky white Euro van.

Sat in several '10 Mustangs, love the parchment and saddle/black interiors. They had a Grabber Blue Shelby up on a dais.

Outside, Ford had about 8-10 Fiesta hatchbacks, doing ride and drives. They look really good in person, nice modern European B-seg car.


Thin on anything really new, but got to sit in a couple Challengers. Really like the heft and size of them. Wish the interiors weren't so dark and austere, though.


Didn't really look at the Japanese brands.. though the new Suzuki Kizashi looks pretty distinctive, and the ZDX looks better in person, in a dark brown. The Insight looks like a cheap Prius knockoff.

Liked the '10 GTI and Golf. The Passat CC looks really good in black.

Sat in a goregous Audi S5..white, w/ red and black interior. My favorite of the Germans, I think...though the bright blue R8 was pretty special also.

Sat in a BMW X6. Horrific rear visibility. Beautiful interior, wierd exterior.

Didn't take any pics, didn't take a camera. Figured there are plenty of pics of new cars online.

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Arizona and International in the same sentence? :unsure:

Well, that's what they call it..and some of signs were in English and Spanish. 5th largest US city, and yet the auto show is a pretty small affair.

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